Perhaps just before the release of the new Redmi K20 lead line, we will see a rather radical twist. In the last days and weeks, we have had the opportunity to see a variety of leaks of images and information that have gradually revealed the (expected) equipment of the phones and the bosses themselves have contributed little to the mill. But what everyone agreed on was the series designation of the Redmi K20. And until today …

Essentially, the official launch of the new Redmi series is explicitly confirmed only for China and India, although of course they all accept global availability on most global markets. Today's Spiderweb report confirms that when it mentions a specific stock in Poland, it also comes with a rather surprising revelation. According to them, there is a strong likelihood that the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro will be sold in some markets reorganized like Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro. This will not make much sense in the recent Redmi brand but will explain the latest certification the Xiaomi Mi 9T in several offices around the world.

Redmi K20 "width =" 1752 "height =" 844 "

We will really learn how to get to the official show on May 28th in Beijing and we can only applaud the expected parameters of the new models so far. The main Redmi K20 should get a snapdragon 730 processor (or any of the SD7xx pieces) and the K20 Pro Snapdragon 855 in a larger size. + 8 Mpix telephoto sensor as well as 20-megapixel camera with slideshow self-portrait. Then the prices should start on the Pro version of about $ 376, as we wrote yesterday. Just 3 days weighing!

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