Thursday , October 6 2022

Second time, second time, show the newborn son of Alex Minov Victor!


Alex Minov brought a second son to her world, whom she christened this time. Victor. Photos of the man from the castle in the office are displayed on the social wall, where they saw slabs of owl. This and the second time, show the presenter with a picture of the prayer child.

A beautiful wife from Zeman's office boasts a photo of her second-born son, Victor.

Ttouand the mmou subspecies. I want to thank you very much for the good Prime Minister, my family for the support and last but not least – for Milo Zeman for the good forecast, by Alex Minov on Facebook.

He chose the name of the first son for the first son, now I j. With those who have been wearing for weeks, I dared to hope that this time would be good, it was shining in front of my thunderbolt.

On social occasion, the moderator revealed that this time, President Milo Zeman spoke when choosing the name. Milo again offered Michal or Ondra, she wrote.

Vratislav Min

Wroclaw Min m son Victor.

Alex Min

Alex Minov made his second appearance.

Vra's first son was born on May 25, 2015. Victor was born on August 8, 2019.

Last year, Alex was expecting blasphemy to have aborted pregnancy. This year, Milo Zeman first encountered this event during the six-year presidency.

Dear Alex, I don't seem to belong here. But mm t rd and because the nose under the baby's heart, j at this time will turn out to be. So I want you to grow into health and beauty and when puberty comes, he becomes a bad dad, said the President in a speech and touched Tears in his words.

The president's chancellor has been having a beautiful presentation since 2013. They were married at the end of the 2015 bureau.

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