Monday , October 25 2021

Shakers will promise to repair, take down the deposit and disappear –


Therefore, through its association, entrepreneurs urge the state to strengthen the importance of the guilds as it used to be, and to turn to such shakers.

– We recently received a case of a homeowner from the Czech Republic who ordered the artists to repair the windows. They took a deposit of several tens of thousands, took the inside windows at the presumed workshop, and the land fell after them. Zdeněk Tomíček, responsible for the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic (AMSP). The landlord lost money and windows.

There are thousands of cases

This is not a rare case. Altogether there are thousands, they simply do not talk about it completely. When police capture travelers, the prosecution for fraud deceives from the way they are not legally obliged to use the advance for the action. In addition, they say they have started work, for example, by breaking the bathroom. They say they just got out of business.

They mostly have nothing, have executions, some of whom suspect they are targeted (fictitious debts from friends) so no one can.

So, a few years ago, Kutna Hora raged some of Vaclav K. He turned dozens of people with hundreds of thousands of crowns in the same way when he mostly smashed the bathrooms or even the entire reconstruction apartment. They have never been blamed. The conclusion is that this is a trade and consumer dispute in which the crime of fraud is not proven or the intention is not to end.

It is precisely because police are often the only one who writes damage, but Tomic said proof of his membership in the guild for the client would be an indicator of quality and solidity.

"The work of the hourly spouses is also controversial. It is definitely good when someone helps someone to close a photo or shelf. On the other hand, only qualified professionals, not everyone, must really repair the drawer or the pipes, "said Tomicek.

Craftsmen are not getting enough

However, customers often do not check their qualifications. "Most people need confidence: yes, we have, yes, we do, it's not a problem," he added.

According to Tomicek, fraud is also very common with summer, offering painting of senior citizens in gardens and cabins. Equipped with a paintbrush and paint can begin to work, then take a deposit of five thousand crowns of the material, leaving the site tools and go to buy the rest, and no one will ever see them again.

The lady from Cesky Krumlov once again ordered a multi-party from the pub, which injured her interior, the ceilings and painted them unprofessionally. And the amount it collected was half as much as that for which a member of a professional company of the Guild of Artists corrected this.

However, according to the builders, the association says that people should check their experience when it is a problem for the craftsman to get it today. It sounds like there are no people who make their hands and are smart to do it.

"There is a huge increase in the demand for craftsmen, which exceeds the offer," confirmed Martin Erth of the Nejřemeslní portal, which brings together 30,000 masters. According to him, the cost of construction works has increased by an average of almost a third in just three years.

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