Friday , December 3 2021

She was flying like a torn wagon. Bang! That must have hurt Serena


She was flying like a torn wagon. I have to have this short, well-known American Serena Williams to rush behind the culinary performance of Japanese rival Naomi Osaka in the quarterfinals of the Toronto tournament. She was moving her body, doing her best, everything was useless. And then came the drive that was supposed to hurt the star. The fans were not breathing. You can see how everything turned out in the attached video.


Japan's Naomi Osaka will become number 1 in the world on Monday. However, in a duel with Serina Williams, she failed, so she tried her best to turn the game around. At 3: 6 and 1: 3, she played terribly short. But Williams did not give up and plunged into the net as much as he could.

She didn't hit. Even worse, the 37-year-old failed to stop the network and hit the network, despite his best efforts. She knocked hard. The fans just hummed in surprise and then didn't breathe as it turned out. That must have hurt. "Okay, okay, I'm fine," the star told the referee.

Then the duel led to the victory and enjoyed the ovation fans.

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