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Snow is on the road in the mountainous regions of Jablonec and Semily

update: 21.11.2018 07:27

Prague – There is snow in the area of ​​Liberec on the roads of the lower classes in the mountain regions of Semily and Yabulche. In Vysočina, the first-class routes are wet, along roads II. and III. the class is broken, as well as snow. With the utmost care to drive the drivers in Djadar. On the roads in Vestin in the morning, ice may form in places. Vozovky in the Zlin region are mostly naked, wet and passable with caution. In the mountainous regions of Bruntál and Moravian-Silesian regions, drivers must ride cautiously. Snow on the roads in the Pardubice region. Leaders must rely on it in the areas mentioned above. Traffic is somewhat irritated by fogs. There may be a layer of snow or snow on the roads.

Liberecký kraj

Snow is on lower-class roads in the mountainous areas of Semily and Yabulkovo. Otherwise, county roads are wet and moveable with care after treatment. Places may complicate traffic to fog, according to traffic data.

Temperatures are in the morning between two and minus 1 degrees Celsius. At the higher places in Kronos in Semli there is a snow cover of two centimeters, a thin layer of muddy snow on some roads II. and III. classes in the Jizera Mountains in Jablonec.

According to the forecast, today it must be mostly cloudy, rarely snowfall or rain. In the morning may also be frozen waste. The highest daily temperatures will be from one to four degrees Celsius, in the mountains a maximum of between two and minus one daily.

Moravskoslezský kraj

Especially in Bruntal and in the mountain regions of the region, drivers have to travel very carefully today. After snowfall on the roads there may be a layer of snow or snow. The majority of chemically treated roads in the area are wet and passable without any restrictions. Places can complicate the situation for the driver or fog. This stems from the information published by the passengers.

For trucks above 3.5 tonnes, the I / 56 from Frýdlant nad Ostravicí is still closed, as well as part of the I / 35 road leading to the Slovak state border.

Pardubický kraj

There is snow on the roads in the area today. Leaders must rely on it in the areas mentioned above. Sometimes traffic is also annoyed by fog, says the passengers.

Scarce snow lies on the roads around Lanškroun. Poor snow cleaning is on the smaller roads in the Jambar area, in the Iron Mountains there are roads that do not shed the snow-covered layer within one centimeter.

This morning the Pardubice area was mostly cloudy, the wind blazing. There was a fog at Orlikoastock. Temperatures range from minus two plus two degrees.

Vysočina Region

On the roads of the lower classes in the Vysočina region there is snow or snow, the main movements are after wet salting. All routes are handled with caution. Drivers must pay special attention to Zderask, where temperatures have remained below zero throughout the night, CTC, Roman Huben, of the Regional Administration and Maintenance Division, said today. Everywhere in the region was a bit warmer and the roads were not so scared. Due to the blocked truck, the trucks between Stanarov and Pavlov in Jhhhhila will not move.

It was snow in Vlas on Tuesday afternoon and it was a dark night. Temperatures range from minus one to plus one degree Celsius. "We had about 70 shots at night," said the dispatcher.

Today it will be cloudy and foggy in the mountainous regions, sometimes it can be sung. In the morning, the rainfall could be freezing or snowing, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute said. Temperatures in the afternoon will be at most between minus one to three degrees Celsius.

Zlínský kraj

The roads in Everychin, supported by inert spreading this morning, can create ice in places. Wagons are mostly naked and wet throughout the region, with caution. Local visibility reduces fog and rain or snow showers. This is based on current information published by the Czech Road and Highway Directorate. By 9:00 in the region, meteorologists are alerted to the possibility of creating icebergs.

To the south it is cloudy, with a slight wind. In the morning the temperature ranged from minus two to plus two degrees Celsius. The afternoon peak will be five degrees Celsius. During the day, it will be mostly cloudy and a mist with light rain. The mild northeast to the east wind will hit.





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