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Ten Ischie Tennis Singers in Roland Garros Singles


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And the year 2019 could have caused so many Czech hearts. In ensk souti all there is only one country, this year are the best points of the world Petar Kvitov and kindly Karolna Palkov. The first to win the trophy but to do so had to play the tournament – both PK and KP were once in the Pai semi-final (Cvitov 2012, Plkov 2017).

In addition, go ee and two ei from Sunday to action. Among them, vjimen mistakes Tom Berdych, for the first time since 2004 not here because of the sweat with the groin.

How's the road?

Karolna Palkov


A dude with the title, the most valuable clay of the carrion, is a type of official and a calendar. But the water day may be the end of it, the WTA website. The Kalk reporter himself: Imagine the species is in the first round … Throw! That would not be a threat to Bregglyov from the US, but then I would like to welcome Roland Garros 2009 Kuznkov and then Mladenovov. Oidn los.

Petra Kvitov (6th)

Peter Kvitov

The question will be whether she will be betting in the mall. In her full health, Kvitov also drowned in clay, and this year she scored her title in Stuttgart. He was in his heart as a city of great return: two years ago, the shenan swiftly lifted the hand of a pore. Finish the smooth start (the Romanian Cirsteaov of the water), but then to the weight. In the eighth finals, Sabalenkov, in the title of the Spiderin Halepov.

Marketa Vondrouov


Although this year's best tennis player in the world is in 16th place, he is still in the jump of the big helmet. This is why Angelique Kerber will be with Wang after the first round. On the other hand, the German superstar suffered injuries, clay is not its strongest surface. And Wondroev often asks his favorite, Halepov this year, the other for two …

Barbora Srsov

Tennis player Barbora street

Nejstar of eek releases a 35-year-old Stosur with a duel. Strcov m this year has a negative balance of 10-11, in the 3rd round Roland Garros reached Derby Kvitova. He defends osphinyl here.

Katyna Sniaakov


After pulling up your promotion so much game trouble, but the results do. We can use the semi-finals of the Nuremberg tournament for the fierce fighters, and that they are against Ribakinov. With Barbora Kraikova (the one who is wrong this year) defends the title during the week.

Karolna Muhov

One of the most creative concerts in the chain, the Navy has sweetened the Fed Cup premieres and the tournament finals in Prague. In Pai, for the first time there is an "Eastern Conway" between the elite.

Christina Palkov

The main race has never been a success! Trying to try against America's Davis, Ecuador and Little Wild Card.

Karolna Muhov


Jessie Vessel

Marie Buzkov

Place a premium render with Pa. US Open 2014 juniors have become happy losers from the qualifiers and Canadian Andreescu crusher will be the winner.

Jessie Vessel

For the 105th World game there is no gift for a water gift, but not for Argentina Mayer goes to Vesello for his resistance to health and mentality.

Luk Rosol

He gave the cliché: even from the luck of Rozola, and after two years he returned to the Grand Slam. He stepped up against unsatisfied Harris from South Africa.

Yesterday, she pronounced in Pai at the Central Court

Roland Garros Water Day Program

Karolna Palkov joins Roland Garros on Sunday with Madison Breggle in the center. Together with a very recent tournament on the day of the Grand Slam Pascal, Jess Vessel and Marketa Vondrouov. Program in the whole arena at 11:00.

Kill at the court of Philip Catherine. Roger Federer returns to the court and returns for the first time since 2015.

Fortunately, hrt will be one of the two eskchs in his Vesel tournament, his opponent of the slo slo 6 will be the Argentinean Leonardo Mayer. As a species in slot 13, Vondroveau comes against Wang Ya-fan.

Trophies for v

Trophies for double bass (left) and Roland Garros.

Sunday program (arrivals at 11:00)

Kurt Philippa Chatrier: Kerberov (5-Nm) – Potapov (Russia), Cicipas (6-e) – Marterer (Nm), Sonego (IT) – Federer (3-yrs), Bregglyov -R).

Kurt Suzanne Lenglehanov: Fabbiano (IT) – or (11-Match), Nikiri (7-Japanese) – Halis (Fr.), Ferov – Mladenovkov (f.), Stefenshov (7-USA) – Doev.

Kurt Simon Matthew: Muguza (19-th) – Townsendov (USA), Cecinho (16th) – Maut (Fr.), V. Williamsov (US) – Svitolinov (9-Ukr) Berankis (LT).

Kurt. 6 4th Return: Vesel (R) – Mayer (Arg.).

Kurt. 13, 2nd: Wang Ja-fan (c) – Vondrouov (R).


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