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The court decides whether Rape will go to jail for six months

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The original verdict was heard only by Tomáš Řepka three months ago at the Municipal Court in Brno. Katerina Kristelová did not attend the main trial, she apologized each time. Her presence was not expected on Thursday at the appeal session.

Rape was appealed against the six months imprisoned in August right in the courtroom. He immediately attacked the pecuniary punishment his partner received. The prosecutor's office, Jan Petrásek, surprised the defendant's progress.

"If I recall this well, there was something quite unique about this case. Tomáš Řepka filed one appeal as a defendant for himself and the other as a defendant Kateřina Kristelová for Kateřina Kristelová. In other words – Kristel herself did not appeal at all. This is a truly unique thing I have not met before, and I think most of my colleagues, "said Petrasek,

Rapp's unconditional punishment is considered sufficient by the plaintiff. However, he filed the appeal to the detriment of Kristel. Its monetary penalty "at the price of one holiday" is, in its view, disproportionately mild.

Call me, I like it

Rape with Kristella ended in court for an escort ad and two porn-profiles based on the name of Rep's ex-wife, Vlaďka Erbová.

Part of the published ad with photos of Vlaďka Erbová

Part of the published ad with photos of Vlaďka Erbová

First of all, last year in September, an ad was published on the site, called "Vlaďka privát Brno", with the text: "Vlaďka is on the phone, you can call her and arrange an appointment … I am an attractive escort with the desire to do anything … Do not worry contact me, I just like it. "

The ad was accompanied by photographs, on which the public could know the model Vlaďka Erbová. It also included a published phone number.

After that, two false profile accounts with the names "Romka007" and "Cikanecka007" appeared on the pornographic website Through them, somebody was talking about Erb and chatting with people interested in sex. When the model found out what had happened and why her phone had overwhelmed her obscene news, she'd dropped her words. The police then began to deal with the case.

"As soon as it turned out who was behind it, I collapsed. I was not capable of day-to-day mode, I could not sleep. I've been looking for psychiatrists, I'm going to therapy for today, "Erb said in the tears.

AUDIO: Hearing Damaged Vlaďky The Arms were very emotional (23. 8. 2018):

Darkness before the eyes

"I'm sorry Mrs. Erb. But if I did not name Rape, we do not stand here, "said her accused ex-husband. He confessed only to the first attack – establishing an escort ad.

"These relationships (with the ex-wife) are not good, they are tense, I can not see a boy. So the situation has already been exaggerated in that I had an absurdly short circuit and I did this thing, which of course I really regret. It was a boy, stupidity, "Repek said before the court.

The camera in the bank noticed that the escort advertising came to pay the accused pair together. Kristel from the cell phone dictated the data needed to pay, Rape "pornoinzerát" paid.

"Why was Mrs. Kristel with you?" She was interested in Judge Hanna Bartoňová. "She went to work at Barrandov, and because I do not have a driving license, I asked her if she could drive me to the nearest bank. She did not know what to pay. I set up her account number, which I wrote on paper. I told her it was a surprise to pay a deposit on the mountains. In order to speed up the process, he wrote the account number to his cellphone, "Repka explained.

"Is the purse you hold in your hand?" She asked the judge. "That's mine," the defendant said uncertainly. "Is that your wallet? "Yes," said Rape. "Or … that's Kačky," he changed his mind after looking more closely at the record. "I missed twenty crowns," he explained.

VIDEO: Footage from the bank. Rape with Christ paid for advertisement (19 September 2017):

"Contact email was [email protected] You also founded it, "the Judge continued. "Of course," the footballer replied. "Did you set him up specifically for this occasion?" – "My friend helped me, he advised me how to start advertising." – "Why did you help?" – "I did not know how to do it. I did not tell him the real reason. I chose the password myself, but I forgot it. It was not important to me, "said Rape.

"You can tell who that friend was," said the Deputy Prosecutor Vlaďka Erb. "No, certainly not," the defendant refused.

The same email was used by the offender in a second attack when he set up the "Romka 007" profile on the pornographic site on September 22, 2017. As far as possible, Ratka could not explain. He denied that he and Kristel had anything in common with this account.

On September 29, 2017, the third attack profile on Erb, called "Cikanecka007", was found on September 29, 2017 at the Luxembourg hotel Légère during the Amfora football tour, including Rape and Kristel.

"We were about sixty-seven. In the evening we drank the boys, we talked about everything. It happened that I did this (he founded a fictitious escort ad), so the question is, if someone did not use it against me, he did not do it, he did not want to avenge me, I really do not know, "replied Rabbit. "Mrs. Kristel was outside the hotel, she had a completely different event with the women, perhaps with Mrs. Bohdalová," said the former footballer.

VIDEO: "We'll go to crime, love." Kristel and Rape Jokes (3/2018):

Excuses and arrogance

"Have you been thinking about the impact of your actions on the personal and professional life of Mrs. Řepková Bahenská?", Said Judge Bartoňová. "When you are in trouble and you have darkness in front of your eyes, you are not thinking about the consequences. I did not think so, "replied Rabbit.

The judge acknowledged him guilty of all three porn acts. The racketeering committed rape at a time when it was conditional. Because alternative penalties have not been proven (of the previously 160 hours of community work for non-maintenance of his son's maintenance had at the time of the judgment passed only 28.5 hours because he was on leave abroadNote: red.), punished him for six months in prison.

Christians are, according to the court, able to prove their participation in the first attack – an escort ad, thanks to a camera record from the bank. Bartoňova therefore imposed the financial penalty on her.

The judge also did not miss the contemptuous way that Řepka and Kristelová commented on their prosecution on the Internet. "The defendant, like the defendant, has repeatedly mocked and arrogantly spelled out on social networks the ongoing criminal proceedings, which is strange to a 44-year-old man and a woman who will be 39 years old," she added dodgyly.

For Ripe, the lawsuit does not end. He is currently being charged with embezzlement. In December 2016, according to the file, he sold a car that did not belong to him for a million crowns. If convicted in this matter, the court may punish him by imprisonment for two to eight years.

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