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The damage enters the electric era. The first is not, but wants to offer smart and emblematic electric cars


The electrified era began this week at Škoda Auto. She introduced the highly anticipated first electric car called Citigoe iV, which added Skoda's first plug-in hybrid, Superb iV, to the premiere that extends the leading brand proposal within its facelift. Two different cars, the smallest pure electric drive manufacturer and the largest hybrid drive, are the first of the 10 electrified models Skoda plans to launch in late 2022.

Intelligent vehicles

All these cars, whether hybrid or electric, will carry BB. If "i" has several meanings, whether innovative, intelligent, iconic or inspirational, "V" means a simple vehicle. The new sub-brand Škoda iV not only has to offer cars.

"Not only do all of our electrified vehicles belong to it but also create a complex, interconnected ecosystem so that electromobility is as simple and convenient as possible for our customers" says Bernhard Meyer, chairman of the car maker.

Luboš Vlcek, head of the Czech agency Skoda Auto, said the brand will want to attract customers to electric cars with related services. Maybe they can help them install a home recharge box. By the way, the domestic market is expected to be purchased by all official dealers and serviced by all authorized repairers.

Electric mobility is so important for carmakers to plan large investments in this area. By 2025, it has invested EUR 32 million in the construction of 7,000 filling points around its Czech production facilities, and then invested an additional EUR 120 million in the study of its employees in the field of electric mobility. In general, it will invest two billion euros in alternative fuels.

These are not just electric cars. Škoda Auto also wants to focus on ecological production. The goal is by 2025 production in Czech companies to be neutral in terms of carbon dioxide production. In addition, 85% of vehicle components must be recyclable. For example, in the case of electric cars, used batteries should be used for local power stations.

The damage enters the electrified epoch later than other manufacturers; in fact, the management itself admits that it did not want to be innovators entering the unknown, unexplored environment. "We could not immediately enter the electric car segment. We wanted to be better than the competition, we were waiting for the reactions of the customers and we reduced the price of the technology, recognizes the head of the car manufacturer. It is said that Škoda can offer a product that meets its character and philosophy.

According to Maier, Škoda's electric cars must be exciting, affordable and easy to use. They also offer a sufficiently long range. Chargers are also sufficient, according to Mlada Boleslav's manufacturer's head.

However, the car maker has nothing else to do, the more stringent emission limitations mean that without electric cars and different hybrids he just can not. Without lower emissions, he will have to pay fines in the EU, which will make his cars unnecessarily expensive to become inaccessible.

Electric motor instead of internal combustion engine

And that's why Citigoe iV in production will replace conventional versions of this minivo with internal combustion engines. In terms of emissions from the fleet of brands it is simply more profitable. Ordinary Citigo is not even new, its production is over. So only stocks are available.

Citigo Skodae iV differs from existing options at first glance. Instead of the traditional radiator grille, there is a new coating, largely blinded, which is painted in body color. The Škoda inscription in the back is linked to the brand's new design trend, all the cars of the younger Boleslav manufacturer will receive this detail from the upcoming model year. Another innovation is that there will only be a five-door version, the three doors will be finished. In short, the interest in such cars is getting smaller. Citigo is in productione iV will last at least 2021.

The drive is propelled under the hood with an electric motor of 61 kW and a torque of 210 Nm. It occupies less space than the fuel aggregate and is approximately comparable in weight. Its weight is 54.1 kg and the weight of the three-cylinder Citigo is 50.5 kg. However, when we add a gearbox, it is 70.4 kg. 80.2 kg in favor of an electric motor. That's just one gearbox, which is logically lighter than Citigo's five-tier management.

On the other hand, Citigo's lithium-ion batterye iV weighs 248 kilograms. They are placed under the floor of the car and occupy an area of ​​1.1 x 1.7 x 0.3 meters. The capacity of 168 cells is 36.8 kWh and 60 Ah respectively, which is enough to drive 265 kilometers on the WLTP methodology. Consumption depends on the driving style of the particular consumer and ambient conditions, but in real operation it should be between 12 and 15 kWh / 100 km.

The car has not yet published the price of the Citigo and has to be announced in the autumn Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the pre-sale of a mini-electric car may be released earlier. According to the head of the Czech representative Luboš Vlček, he still has a great interest in him, thanks to the ePilot pilot project, which allows potential customers to test the prototypes of Citigo. According to Vlucek, it is realistic to reach 2500 Citigo sold on the Czech market in 2020e IV. This will make it the best-selling electric car with us. Last year, this title was held by Volkswagen e-Golf with 260 registered tracks.

Built-in hybrid accessory

On the other hand, the Superb hybrid plug-in, called the Superb iV, will become an addition to the offer, not a true driver of Czech sales. Vlček expects the plug-in hybrid to account for 5% of sales of Czech models. The market will arrive early in 2020.

In the future, however, the carmaker also believes in this type of drive. It is now certain that Kodiaq and the next-generation Octavia will have the hybrid version of the iV plug-in.

In this case, however, it is still not certain whether they will take a specific device from Superb iV. It combines an older 1.4 TSI (115 kW) four-cylinder gasoline engine with a 85 kW synchronous electric motor integrated into the six-speed DSG. Its 13 kWh lithium-ion batteries are located under the rear seats. Partially hampered the trunk, which required its reduction. At 485 liters for the lift, or 510 liters for the property. With the Superb iV Combi, there is only a small space for battery cables under the double bottom and the rest is only the battery, which weighs 135 kilograms inter alia. By the way, you will find the charger in the nose mask, like the VW Passat GTE sister.

Superb iV comes as part of the leading facelift of the brand, which barely noticeably transforms its appearance. In a fun designer car, many were afraid that any modernization could only hurt its appearance, but I personally have to say that I like the reddish bow more than ever. The headlamps are now extended to an enlarged radiator grille that runs under the bumper.

But the rear is now more interchangeable with other cars. Simply replacing the car logo with Škoda is not as original, it's not as original. I think the new chrome line linking the rear lights is a discount for Chinese customers who like this detail. Anyway, we can only find it at higher levels of equipment, for example, Sportline has this black horizontal line that looks good.

On the contrary, the interior is well-known, the digital instrument panel is now available, as well as larger screens of the multimedia system up to 9.2 ". New, however, are chrome applications or decorative moldings that mimic the wood in the case of the newly created Superba Scout, which is such a breath of old times.

In any case, he hopes that the facelift will increase the sales of already successful sales. In Europe, the second best-selling model in its class is that the most successful year was not the usual one. Sales usually begin to stagnate before the face is repaired. The aforementioned Superb Scout with a plastic box and 15 mm raised chassis, which is estimated at one-tenth of the overall sales of this leading brand, also supports sales.

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