Wednesday , August 17 2022

The Olympic champion is scattered. For a medal battle, he has to set up a jump fitness


"The Japanese remember gymnast Vera Chaslavska, who won three gold medals and one silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. They also greatly value the presence of Olympic champion Rio Rio Krpálek, and so he contributes in part to the cost of the camp, "says team coach Peter Lachina.

Krpálek hopes the concentration in the spa town will help him to get in perfect shape. "The last training camp in Hungary threw me off. It was really bad and I have a lot of mixed feelings right now. But I do believe that in Japan I will be tuning in to win the best in the Championship and be able to fight for a medal. They always take good care of us, I love the country very much, "says Krpálek, who is a very respected guest judge for judo judges in Japan.

Judge Lukas Krpalek with his wife Eva

Vladimil Vacek, right

"If any of the local guys threw me in a workout, the whole gym started jumping for joy. In the last camp I chased one again until he almost ran out of the saloon. "Lukash always kills in Japanese training, which is obviously excellent for his confidence. He is in good condition," Lachina says, saying that the Japanese training camp should receive Krpálka before the championship. in an ideal state of mind.

There are six men and one woman in the championship nomination. David Pulkrabek (up to 60 kg.), Pavel Petzhikov, Jr. (up to 66 kg.), Yakub Yeminek (up to 73 kg.), David Klamert and Jiri Petr (up to 90 kg.). Marketa Paulusova will debut at the Championship in the category over 78 kg.

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