Saturday , June 12 2021

The same job, but more money! The government wants to help the Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

Up to 40,000 people from Ukraine will be able to apply for work in the Czech Republic each year. For them, a new wage criterion is being developed. "It determines that Ukrainian citizens can be hired at 1.2 times higher than the guaranteed salary, first of all, to avoid social dumping so that there is no pressure to reduce the wages of Czech citizens," explained Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek.

"Of course, it would be great for the Ukrainians and will help them a lot, and when they make 20,000 crowns, that means something, they live here half way and send the other half of the home," said Zaz Imerlisvili, managing director of the Ukrainian Labor Office .

"I think the Ukrainians should get at least as much as the Czechs. No more because they would not do well in the relationship, "says Dmitry Landel, a Ukrainian living in the Czech Republic.

"The Czechs have to earn more than the Ukrainian. We'll work for you, you'll give us a job. We agree with what you are paying us, and if we get more, the second Maidan will be held in Ukraine as well, "said Valeriy, the Ukrainian worker.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, there are currently over half a million employees on the labor market and their lack is hampered by faster economic growth.

"After all, we will not make sure that the Ukrainians benefit from the Czechs because we will not bring them here. We want to be offered on the labor market and everyone has the same opportunities, "said Vladimir Dulhi, President of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Traders (AMSP) also disagrees with the determination of wages for Ukrainian workers. In their opinion, this is discrimination. "In general, it is not possible to create other conditions for workers by nationality. It is fair that employees from the Czech Republic have the same salary as Ukrainian employees, "said AMSP Legislative Manager Veroslaw Sobotka.

But according to trade unionists, Ukrainians earn a few thousand crowns less in the Czech Republic. "Unfortunately, Czech employers abused the Ukrainian employees in the Czech Republic. This can be seen in the information about their salaries, which is several thousand crowns lower than the salary of Czech employees, "said Josef Strella, chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS). And this must prevent the new rules.

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