Wednesday , August 17 2022

The tribune returned to Ln football, applauding Slavia


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The raw PHO has started, on Saturday u will be sitting in new cities. SK Le Football Club continues to expand the stadium, which has been forgotten for both its past games, and will increase its capacity on Saturday. After the 522-man assembly stand behind the target to the right of the main stand, the swing can hold about 2,100 fans.

Dwan Cody, the construction manager at Lni, said in the morning two business days in the grandstand of the hundreds.

Pipes, plates and seats are stored on a built-in platform, and once the project has been arrested and the plot has been changed, nothing has prevented the installation of the stands. It will be fitted with blue seats, which is in color SK Le.

What an incident. The mall is blue, Cody is blurry.

The podium will be available for a second league novel in the next two houses. Then decide with Lni whether it's worth leaving her behind.

Assuming that the audience's impression can be maintained after these two games, we would consider extending the rent, which could lead to a financial loss of money when filling the podium, said Karel Hladi, chairman of the section.

The stands were full

What is very spicy about Leo? This is the same podium that stood in the stadium there in 2007, when the divisional squad of senses in the Czech Cup destroyed Slavia Prague. Kodym was there personally. At that time, the stands were two side by side and full. The bar is 31.5 meters wide and has seven steps. No less than ten workers at her meeting.

Advertising banners cannot be sent to the podium because if they were blown in the wind, the podium could be displaced the way we experienced it, Kodim said. Other security measures, such as for girls, are unnecessary. In other words: even when we celebrate deafness or victory, the rostrum should not swing and then fall.

President's hunger for Saturday pick oekv npor fans. During the match with Hradec (in the 3rd round), the rostrum sold out during the five-hour advance sale within one hour, about 800 tickets were sold. For this reason, Le also sold tickets to Vyehrad on Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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