Saturday , May 8 2021

The vessels could not even touch. Then he learned he had Olympic gold

Katerina Shulova, CTK

Thirteen of the fifteen live medalists from the pair of games arrived in Prague in 1968, but unfortunately only one winner. Milena Duchkova, a water skier, lives in Vancouver, Canada, gymnast Věra Čáslavská, high school Milena Rezková and ski jupiter Jiri Raška did not meet for half a century.

"With most of the Olympians we still see different events that I would really enjoy, unfortunately can not be," said Kurka.

After the shorts of the Mexican shooting, he knew he had a good performance. "It was just a lot of power, so I fainted after the last blow, everything was moving," he remembers. Recalculating the results takes an hour and a half. "Today the shooters see the computer right now, every goal is stuck, and three three-member committees consider them," Curka said.

Magnificent Wedding

So he went to the Olympic Village, sat down at the table with the dishwasher Ludvik Dawn, and eagerly awaiting the results. "Liduda said. – Dude, you will not do anything now. But I did not touch the food, too, "he remembered. Only when the print coach came, he began crawling. – My hands fell, I poured myself. Great joy, "he writes.

In Mexico, he managed to conquer the ceremonial wedding with the leader Joseph Odollul, who was expected to reach 100,000.

"I was not so surprised, almost 120 bands met us at the airport, then thousands of people in the stands, and Verka was an attractive audience, she could not move anywhere, and there were broken bars in the cathedral while people rushed there. The Mexicans are extremely lively and immediate, it was also a wonderful Olympiad, "remembered a golden shooter.

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