Monday , October 25 2021

The waterfall falls and the flood is valid only near the lower Morava river – ČT24 – Czech Television


Moravia has reached the first flood stage due to the constant rains in the mountains of Essenki and Beskidy on Thursday morning. According to the Morava River Basin, it culminated in Kromeriz on Thursday at 21:00 when it reached 468 centimeters. "The water has never been poured, the health and property of its citizens are not endangered," said Mayor Jaroslaw Nemetz (Independent).

The first stage of the floods is in the area after heavy rainfall during the last days of lunch in Stanovnice under the dam of Karolinka in the Universe. But even there his level is gradually decreasing. On Thursday evening, the second flood stage was paid in several locations in the Zlin area.

On Friday morning, the first flood level was paid in several locations along the Olše and Ostravice rivers in Moravia-Silesia and the water continued to decline. The floods in the north-east of the Czech Republic have also returned to normal. In the last days, due to the pouring rain, Beccia and Olshe have reached the third stage of the floods.

There should be no rain in the area of ​​Zlin on Friday. According to the forecast, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute will be mostly cloudy with the highest afternoon temperatures of 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, there must be some cloudy or cloudy afternoon showers, sporadic thunderstorms.

At the same time it is almost full of dams, where it rained. Water managers regulate their flow and outlet so they do not overflow, leaving enough water for further drought. Thus the state enterprise Povodí Odry drops the water from the dams.

The flood commission is over

In Zlin region, the most affected areas in the water are Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. On Wednesday, the Hajbova River was poured, and the surface of Rozhenov Beechov rose high. Gradually, however, the state of water in both streams is normalized. This is why the Votslyska Primary School, which was closed on Thursday, was again open. According to a spokesman for the Rosenov mayoralty, Tomas Gross, the flood commission ended its activity in the city in the morning.

After nearly 40 hours on Friday, the flood committee in Valašské Meziříčí also closed its session due to the drop in water levels. In the city, however, the rivers were not pouring out of their bed. According to mayor Robert Stanjinek (YES), the situation was most dramatic on Wednesday at around 7 pm. "We had reports that Rosenov had been poured into neighboring Rozhen and flooded the playground in Yarkova Bechinova. Both Beech were at that time third, ie. the highest flood stage. With the help of the city police, we mapped the situation not only to Bechin but also to the smaller streams, "the mayor said.

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