Friday , May 7 2021

The young man crawled on the wagon and burnt out of the cart. Doctors had to amputate the lower body, including the pelvis – ČT24 – Czech Television

Daniel Krecek decided two years ago to get his friends with a rail car and take a picture for him. Instead, however, a great deal of trouble arose. "First I got up and got an electric shock. I fell between the cars, broke my spine and started burning, "said the young man.

As he suffered from muffling, he suffered an injury to the spinal cord and the spinal cord, but did not feel his legs. My tissues were damaged in the legs. I started rotting meat, "she adds, the infection spreading, neither the amputation of the two legs stopping, eventually reaching the skillet and then avoiding it, and in Motoleus they had to make a hemocorpoectomy, a young man to get rid of the pelvis.

This is an extraordinary operation. In the Czech Republic, they have been doing it only on Bulovka since the beginning of the millennium – in eleven cases. In the world, for the first time, doctors amputated the entire lower body in 1961.

Fifty percent chance of survival

This is not just an extraordinary and demanding operation, but also a very risky intervention. The chance for survival is only fifty percent. "The risk of physical activity is massive bleeding," explained the head of the Surgery Clinic at the Motol Hospital and the Second Medical Faculty of the George Hoch University of Charles University.

The doctors spent a total of sixteen hours over the young man and replaced them with 22. "We were trying to heal skin defects and used various methods including hyperbaric therapy for tissue congestion and improved healing," said the spinal cord head surgery at the Motol Jih Hospital Cross.

Finally the doctors succeeded. The operation even finished better than they hoped. "We lost 5.5 liters," writes writing, "less than half is lost," said Jor Hooch.

Daniel Krecek will now be able to go home – after two years he spent only a few short breaks in the hospital. However, the motorola returns to a special prosthesis. Life without a pan and feet will not be easy; after surgery, has two stomach outcomes, reducing its abdominal cavity and reducing its breathing capacity.

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