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There is a shortage of computer experts, although their revenue is growing

The average, i.e. the average salary received was CZK 52 498 for ICT professionals last year, representing 180 percent of the average salaries and salaries of all employees in the Czech Republic. According to statistics, IT technicians last year averaged 36,932 kroner, or 127 percent of the average of all salaries.

Data security professionals made the most money last year with an average revenue of CZK 58,657, with system analysts and web and multimedia developers taking over CZK 57,500.

"If we focus on economic activity, the most money is made by ICT professionals in finance and insurance, whether they are specialists or technicians. The average salary of ICT professionals in this field was 65,000 kronor and ICT technicians – 52,000 kroner month, "said Marketa Pishtorova of CZSO's Research, Development and Information Society statistics department.

30,000 are missing

Despite the above average income of ICT experts, it is not easy for companies to find a suitable worker. In 2017, 79 percent of businesses that have already hired some ICT professionals and are looking for new ones have this problem. "When recalculating all companies that have hired ICT experts, the proportion of companies that find it difficult to find a suitable candidate is 33 percent," CZSO said.

According to an earlier published estimate by the Grafton Recruitment Agency, 30,000 ICT workers are missing from the labor market. "The increasing digitalization of the economy requires an increasing number of IT professionals. In the last decade alone, their share has doubled from 1.8 per cent of employees in 2006 to 3.6 per cent in 2016, "said Lenka Vaichetova, CSOs Development Statistics Unit, according to previous CZSO data, the number The number of employees in internal ICT has increased from 2000 to the previous year by 2.5 times to 185 600 people.

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