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This year's athlete again is javelin. Ogrodnik left Drahotova and Staňka

Czech Athletes of the Year return to javelin, this time Nikola Ogrodníková. The Vice-President and European medalist at the Diamond League meeting won 1225 points in a traditional poll of athletic officials, coaches and journalists.

The Ostrava Natives left more than a hundred points behind his Silver Mountaineer from Anežka Drahotová. Thanks to this, the nine-time winner Barbora Špotáková was replaced on the throne, who missed this season because of his mother's duty.

The third place was taken by Tomáš Staněk, a bronze medalist from the World Championship and the fourth person in the open air. He is the best male representative in front of the everlasting Eva Vrabcovou Nývltová, who is the third European Championship in the new Czech record in the marathon and in spring

Twenty-eight-year-old Ogrodnik has one season. In his introduction, he increased his personal record to 65.61 meters and is the only Czech athlete who regularly wins the Diamond Champions League. The year that successfully crowned the silver medal at the Continental Championship.

This is the reason why he won the best Czech athletes for the first time and won traditional polls. "I certainly did not expect to win, because there were two or three followers to win, so I was very surprised, but I was very happy," said Ogrodníková. He did not listen to the general when moderator Aleš Háma trained the names because he did not want the order to be known.

He wanted to approach his predecessor at the athletic throne house of Spatakos. "I think if he is here, I don't know if I win, maybe not. It will be worth it and that is his, so it makes us a little easier this year," said the Czech Athletic Queen this year. .

The best junior is Amalie Švábíková, who won the Junior World Cup and finished ninth in ME between adults. The discovery of the year was chosen by midfielder Lukáš Hodboď, a surprise finalist for the European Championship. The best coach was announced by coach Ogrodik and Špotáková Rudolf ýerný, who won this award for the fifth time.

Athletes Poll in 2018:

1. Ogrodniková (spear) 1225 points, 2. Drachová (walking) 1101, 3. Stanek (sphere) 1062, 4. Vrabcová Nývltová (marathon) 1003, 5. Maslak (400 m) 643, 6. Cachová 518, 7. Vadlejch (spear) 414, 8. Vrzalová 339, 9. Holuša (both 1500 m) 196, 10. Sword (bar) 172.

Next rating:

11. Klučinová (multiboje) 160 b. 12. Juška (far) 139, 13. Gross (high) 126, 14. Doležal (multiboys) 111, 15. Grouse (run up) 98, 82, 17. Malíková ( 400 m) and L. Hodboď (800 m) both 64, 19. Crossing (100 m) 53, 20. Kristýna Dvořáková (running) 31, 21. Gray (spear) and relay men 4 × 400 m all 21, 23. Čípa (running uphill) and all cross-country ski teams 19, 25. Maršánová (running uphill) 9, 26. K. Seidlová (100 m), Mezuliáníková (1500 m) 4 × 100 m, Šafránková (hammer) all 2, 30. Kateřina Dvořáková (multiboy) and Brunner (ultramaraton) both 1.

Junior of the Year: 1. Svábíková 92.

Discover Year: 1. L. Hodboď 47.

Best Coach of the Year: 1. Black 40, 2. Aries 23, 3. Iron 21.

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