Sunday , May 16 2021

Toyota buys PSA head in Cologne, car manufacturers stop production of small cars Companies and markets

father The French automaker PSA Group and Japanese Toyota have decided to end joint production of small cars by 2021. Toyota then buys PSA under its joint Toyota Peugeot Citron Automobile (TPCA) in Cologne. Without a source, it is written in French by Les Echos.

Speaking to PSA, the PSA announced that the original Cologne Joint Undertaking signed in January 2002 included a clause allowing cadmium from a partner to assess his / her status at that time. We are evaluating this process. Nothing was taken, he told Reuters.

According to the French letter, on the other hand, car manufacturers will die from their colleagues in the production of light commercial vehicles in France and in the panels.

TPCA carries vehicles with Peugeot, Citron and Toyota. The capacity of the race is 330,000 vehicles, which is the ceiling reached in 2009. This year, 200,000 cars were produced. The company employs around 2,700 people and the company is one of the largest exporters in the Czech Republic and the largest employer in the Kol area.

Les Echos, the withdrawal of the PSA from Cologne's two-seat base, as PSA has not bought Opel recently, tolls are incomplete. It is so obvious that Toyota will probably need lead in Cologne and not PSA due to bruxism.

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