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VIEWS: Tarantino's Sixties. He made a nostalgic stump with Pete, DiCaprio and black humor


Good news for a start – a nearly three-hour retro trumpet Back in Hollywood with Brad Pitt, Leonard DiCaprio or Al Pacino, he is much more fun, more humorous, and has more eavesdropping than the eight terrible ones.

Tarantino reconstructs old Hollywood with love and tears in his eyes. It offers beautiful, sunny images with a typical orange California touch, nailed retro interiors and exteriors, cars, suits.

The camera plunges into the nostalgic beauty of the metropolis of L.A. traveling the cabriolet and Harley. Hats everywhere, elegant blonde actresses with huge period goggles and stoppers in author's shorts.

About 50% of Tarantino's success has always been music. He can really pick and match old hits with images. When Drinker lacks his convertible Sixty Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin and other icons in his music history, it's hard to look indifferent. To work.

It is not appropriate to reveal a point so it is only brief for the scenario. The main characters were known to be the aging actor Dalton (DiCaprio) and his double (Pete). They are not stars, but they somehow make a living. They do not like Doubler in the studio because he allegedly killed his wife and cannot resist the temptation to fight. When an actor petitions for him, he misses his chance again. As he hears someone pulling, he can't resist and immediately gives him a hand.

Margot Robbie

Photo: Sony Pictures

You can't say the story is exciting. The prolonged exposure to many details raises the question of whether anything happens at all in the first hour of the film. Hollywood's strength lies in something else.

These are the magic details, the camera, the music, the skillful whistle with the oddities, the parody of funny movie and TV-era clichés, or the little charming characters who endure only a few minutes on screen but are enchanting. A thoughtful little girl who plays the series, or a crazy TV director.

Tarantino's entire flawed and brutal film carries a touch of irony from beginning to end, which is the main reason why it can last 162 minutes. In addition, Pete and DiCaprio play so convincingly that it smells like a gold statuette. You will hardly notice other famous actors, except for the dazzling blonde Margot Robbie.

Some may argue that the long-reported line of Manson sparkling wine does not fit perfectly into the story (as if it were two films), but it is a small thing that can be forgiven.

The movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is sure to win the hearts of most viewers. What they certainly won't win are the hearts of Bruce Lee's relatives, who made Tarantino a total fool.

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