Friday , December 3 2021

We read between the lines. Why Apple Sells Plastic iPhones and Slower Drives |


There have been several reports around Apple in recent days that are interesting in themselves, but more important is the overall picture of the future they are creating. For a basic introduction to the topic, just read the headings:

In the US home, Apple is a symbol of social status. So many Americans do not care what a delicious apple brings – especially to be there. Half of Americans do not know what kind of iPhone model they have. That's why they wear older models ("they look almost alike"), and when they buy a new one, they often take the cheapest XR.

Over the last few quarters, Apple has been condemned for how iPhone sales have declined. Of course, they are falling, but the important thing is that they are still far from the bottom. Only those dedicated can see Apple turn the helm on service. There is already plenty of hardware out there, sales are sure to cover its extended renewal intervals, so Apple intends to earn more and more by selling it to people, videos, magazines and adal games. With the newly released Apple Card, the company is delving deeper into financial services (don't forget Apple Pay).

Let's summarize it. People are not interested in the iPhone, every second is the cheapest XR sold, the MacBook SSD speed is only a few shards, the average user does not notice. So why force some expensive hardware? In recent years, Apple has been able to spy on the prices of the best iPhones and iPads up, and the overpriced Mac Pro is just a curiosity for professionals.

I do not mean to say that this effort is over. On the one hand, Apple will still hold the face of the premium brand. On the other hand, we will see a subtle drop in prices. Don't expect Apple to offer discounts and price-sensitive customers, but with the new iPhone models comes a slightly lighter pricing policy. On the one hand, we will still be watching the pompous keynote of the premiere of the new iPhone, complete with superlatives. On the other hand, the focus of sales will shift more and more towards cheap models and (unlike in the past) Apple will not mind because it will take money from people in the coming years for services.

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