Thursday , May 13 2021

"What's left for us?" That would not be enough for me! "The National Theater visited Emil Hackl – ČT24 – Czech Television

"But you know what?" Sometimes I want to stop everything, stop, pull the brake. You know what! I'm the age when my friends die. What's left for us? It will be enough for me to stay here. Here in the corner. Get up and cheer up! Do not go anywhere! Do not go on, hurry up! Do not slip! Do you know what I mean? Do you feel too? The Heroes of the Game Visit.

The play, which is the theatrical debut of one of the most famous contemporary Czech writers, Emil Hack, unites four ancient comrades who hold parties and discuss long and irreversible personal and historical issues, talk about the death of mankind, the politics of the world powers or the cunning of the Czech elites.

Cut the male world

The leitmotif of their chatter becomes an asteroid to fall to Earth in the evening. The fragile position of the planet overlaps with the equally threatened and fragile body of human life, and in the body of one of the men there is death in the meantime.

"Forty-fifties, what can they say?" Anything is possible. They are not complete remnants, but life may go wrong and they now understand. They are already on the horizon and start to descend from the hill, "said David Matachek.

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