Monday , October 18 2021

WHO: The Ebola epidemic in Congo will last for half a year in Congo


The worst ebola epidemic in Congo, which has claimed more than two hundred lives, will be estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) by the middle of next year. Reuters reports today. Dengue fever is mainly transmitted in unofficial care facilities, said WHO epidemiologist Peter Salama.

WHO work at the epicenter of infectious diseases in the eastern part of the country is hampered by a large population of migrants, anxiety caused by two armed groups and the spread of disease in informal care facilities, Salama said. In North Kivu province, where the epidemic broke out, 333 cases of the disease were reported.

One of the main causes of the spread of this disease is the existence of hundreds of treatment facilities that offer traditional and modern practices in Beni, the metropolitan city in the province. Half of the victims were reported in the provincial capital.

Unofficial care facilities are not subject to regulation, have not yet been established to diagnose dengue fever, let alone to treat it, Salama said. Many of them do not have water. Patients usually need injections because they are considered more effective, and needles are used repeatedly.

Not all sick, especially children, were diagnosed with malaria, which initially was almost identical to Ebola, in an unregulated medical institution, according to epidemiologists. This spreads through direct contact with blood or excretion of the infected body. The virus causes fever and internal and external bleeding, the disease destroys about half of the infected.

WHO: The Ebola epidemic in Congo will last for half a year in Congo

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