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World Cup 2019 | Not from NHL. Frolick is an unexpected Czech jockey at the World Cup


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Of the 17 shots scored six goals in the championship. More than a third of the success is a big business card for a hockey shooter. In addition Frolik added six assists, after six games in the group he is one of the most productive players in the Czech selection and the entire world championship.

"The points will increase your confidence. It may sound like a cliche, but it is especially good if you help achieve team success, which is most important, "said the 31-year-old.

Honestly, was Frolik expected to be an assault joker?

There was a surge of points from James – Captain Voraq and Washington Cronus. Or the most productive player in the Swiss league, Dominik Kubalik.

Meanwhile, over all of them – the truth of partner Voráček only thanks to a greater number of goalkeepers – Frolík, from which they made a protection specialist in NHL. In the last season Calgary Peters trained the Czech Ambassador on the rostrum several times.

Frolík did not blame. McCall and his goals showed that even though he was thirty, he might be valid. When Flames drove him to the World Cup, he spoke in interviews with coach and manager: "It would be nice if at least sometimes I play weakness next season."

How typical of it. Neremcá. He is modest. At the championship in Bratislava, coach Miloš Kika sends him to power. "He goes to the border zone and has a great recorder next to him who will give him the first one," says.

ONLINE: The Czech Republic vs. Switzerland

report from 12:15

Although he is constantly shifting to other attacks, the elite line Frolík and Simon and Voracek are not the only ones to change. It also contributes to coolness.

It was as if Frolik had been on the run since the NHL season. "Do you see how he always goes to attack?" Dominic Simon asks the rhetorical question. "Frold is a great skater, playing hard, seeing the game well."

Where's my helmet?

On the other hand, who else should co-found the Czech offensive? Frollick is one of the most experienced team members. Both are the only representatives who were at the championship in Bratislava eight years ago, which is also a funny story of team photography.

World Ice Hockey Championship 2019

Program and results

While Jaromír Jágr was in his chair at the time, Frolík was puzzled by the ice to find a helmet that his older colleagues had hidden. "I'm older now, the boys no longer entertain me," the showman smiles. "I am not a speaker, but rather trying to communicate in the line and set an example in learning to learn something."

Czech coach Miloš Čiha (left) gives instructions to Michael Frolik against ...

Czech coach Miloš Kika (left) gives instructions to Michael Frolik in a match against Latvia.

He leaves the last ice in Bratislava. After each workout, you still have a fluffy blast, shoot yourself. And when the journalists come to him, he will gladly stop. He is interested not only in his performance on the ice but also because he has founded a family with a former model and a leader. "A daughter is born in America, the other in Canada, and I'm showing a Czech passport," he jokes. There is no hint that he is in doubt.

He was twice at the World Championship, with two bronzes. And while the national team is looking for a medal in vain in 2012, he won the Stanley Cup in NHL. He had moved to Winnipeg and Calgary, where he still had an annual contract. Now he is in Bratislava where he sincerely said among the outsiders, unlike the team members: "Such tournament matches may be a little less, but that's the case." The hall was again sold out and people cheered.

This will happen today when the most exciting part of the league starts slowly.

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