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World Cup 2019 | Vocal Rica's Record Record: Let's not talk about it, not really. thanks


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Volcano after the previous match with Austria, when equalized with the 12-point point by Robert Reichl of the World Cup in 2001, mud: It's good, but it does not really matter, because when we fail hard, everything is reset.

They moved to nj with a good feeling, because in the last match of the group they made 5: 4 and a lady's point to their captain. Vorek put a gl and put two on top.

Can you at least say that this is the best amplifier?
Hern probably is not, but points to urine.

Through the foreign newspaper that you blur, not play, would you give gl gl power play to Switzerland. Did not help me eliminate the goal?
We were in a better position, we played here. Throughout the tournament, we came to the point that we must respond.

What Happened in Tet Have You Lost Two Led Gloves?
Okay had to take one step, start and start going back. I think the removal of the first minute of the aunt was better darkness and look to the end. Then they started to pour everything on us and we were very lucky. We need to be careful about it, it will get rid of me.

Valuable nerves, eh?
This is hockey. This is so interesting when it comes to emotions.

Mark the hockey players for the World Cup 2019 against Switzerland

First of all, do you have cc, no problem in gl gl?
We have a good look at the aunt in the tournament. We play well, we also know when we will drive the same way. T. We did not get into panic for the first aunt. Then, if we go to sort with the fact that we hrt hokey, and it was done.

Is she surprised, how many vcai dr in defense?
If they did, they would not play so open. They had to. And they have excellent quality skating time. Over the past ten years, they've done a great piece.

Do you remember them so stupid?
Probably not, it was good. So it was little strength, no thought, but there was nothing to do.

World Ice Hockey Championship 2019

Program and results

You are close to your stay in Bratislava for a difficult time. Are you happy?
Of course. This would be further worrying. To cultivate everything back and forth … Go under it, but we have done everything we can to continue. And now we will be waiting for the swirl between Russia and Sweden (online at 20:15).

Were they in?
He was weakened in the womb. I think we were surprised that they were so fast. No one said that. And when they are not gla, they should not give them the same.

How do you respect the ice?
J is a physically good time. It's late May … Physics is good. Before the tournament, I was a little angry to get away. I think even in a personal fight mm t

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