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Ahmed Helmi's "Hyatt Mata" revenue drops for the third consecutive day



Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mona El Mudgee:

Mata Fantasy for the second consecutive day failed to regain second place in the box office revenue of the Eid al-Adha movie season, which it maintains during Eid's days to finish third on Friday 16 August.

Mate Fantasy movie revenue fell to reach $ 2 million and $ 500,000 and £ 312 yesterday, down from £ 6 million, then down 4 million and then $ 3 million, making it yesterday the lower revenue from the movie after its release, a total balance of 22 million and 766 thousand and 100 pounds.

Hayal Mata, written by Abdul Rahim Kamal, directed by Khaled Marey, starring Ahmed Helmi, Menna Shalabi, Bayumi Fuad, Hassan Hosni, Khaled El Sovi, Inam Salouza, Intizar, Abdulrahman Abu Zahra, Sami Magauri, Loti Mahmoud Eli Light

The movie was hacked and a high-quality version leaked online two days ago.

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