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Chevrolet is preparing to launch a new sedan model in China

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Chevrolet is preparing to launch a new sedan model in China from the Dawn site, on Friday November 16 2018.

Chevrolet is preparing to launch a variety of new models for the Guangzhou show, starting with the FNR-CarryAll Concept model, similar to the Blazer to Monza SR Sedan, Malibu XL and Redline radios from cars such as the Malibu LX Redline and Corvette C7 Redline. China is the second largest Chevrolet market in the world and the company is trying to provide the best products on the Chinese market.

Chevrolet renamed Monza for cars 1975-1980 again as a new model 2019 in the form of a new midsize sedan called Monza RS. The car carries the same Chevrolet air conditioning system as the RS logo, special chrome lights, LED daylight units and bonnets with two lights that emit light. Monza is expected to be the only car dedicated to the Chinese market.

The FNR-CarryAll Concept model is inspired by the Camaro model and through car images, it shows the features of the Blitzer model, which will be dedicated to the Chinese market The experimental car is 5 meters long and 2,288 meters wide and is 1,693 meters high and has seven seats capacity.

The Malibu XL Redline is the fourth Redline version in China after Aconex, Cross Redline and Orlando Redline Redline. The car will come with a turbocharged gasoline engine, 9-speed Hydromatic transmission with a capacity of 237 hp and 350 Nm of torque.

The Corvette C7 Redline features a 492-horsepower V8 at the China Expo recently with modified Michelin tires, high-end ceramic brakes and carbon fiber aerodynamics.

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Source: Dawn

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