Sunday , July 25 2021

Control of the formation of specialists specialized in car battery theft in Assiut

Assiut, the second division, was able to capture the most dangerous form of a team that specializes in stealing car batteries by breaking down a car's cabin.

Information was received for the second division investigative officer in Assiut, confirmed by a basic investigation, that 3 unemployed people agreed with two car dealers to steal batteries and sell them on the market again.

Where he was arrested as "black" unemployed, who was previously charged in 2 cases of house theft and drugs, and was sentenced in 4 cases of white weapons, and beatings and dissipation and theft of electricity, total imprisonment of one year and 5 months, and seizure "Unemployment, and confiscation of defendant" ATA "Unemployment Previously accused in 4 cases of vehicle theft, kidnapping and weapons without public licenses and etiquette, and confiscation of car dealers" BAC ", sentenced in 2 beating cases and buildings with total prison years and a week, and the seizure of an "MMA" car dealer, who was previously accused in the Amanah betrayal case, and sentenced in "2" to the elimination of 3 years' imprisonment and a month's population to all the first Assiut Department departments. car.

After the legalization of the procedure, officers from the second part of Assiut managed to arrest the defendant with 13 car batteries and 5 fire extinguishers, homemade cartridges and cartridge shots and a piece of chocolate suspected of being medicinal ingredients in a glass cup and a total of 9200 pounds. 129465 Fiat 124 white and a white "gun" and plastic bag in the substance of the Estrox drug weighs about 10 grams.

The first, second, and third claimed to form a gangster specifically in car theft, used a confiscated car, sold it to the fourth and fifth, and claimed to have stolen 10 batteries, and instructed the defendant about looting and confiscating and presenting it to informants.

All legal proceedings have been taken against the accused, records of incidents have been released, and prosecutions have been brought before the prosecutor.

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