Wednesday , August 17 2022

FilGoal | News | The Joule reveals how Al-Ahli plans to close his roster for the new season


Al-Ahli still has four vacancies on his roster for the new season and is still pondering the possibility of new deals or the registration of players linked to contracts with the club.

As far as he knows From a source in Al Ahli, the club decides to complete its local registration list with the Saad Samir Quartet, Karim Walid Nedved, Mohammed Mahmoud and Ahmed Hammi.

In this case, Al-Ahli will have to market the name of Ali either through a final sale or at the box office, and the player has already received several offers that are being studied and negotiated to agree on any of them.

New deals?

A source in Al-Ahli said Ahli may be considering a new deal, in which case the decision would be Ahmed Hamdi's loan to a local or foreign club.

Another case where plans can be modified is that a technical opinion will determine whether the team needs to be reinforced in one of the four players mentioned above.

Ahli is gearing up to face the Pyramids on Saturday night, in a postponed game of Round 16 of the Egyptian Cup for the 2018/2019 season.

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