Thursday , June 17 2021

FilGoal | News | What does Zizou add to Zamalek?

"I played 5 years in Europe, an excellent deal." "He has not played a game in a year, how do you say that?"

There is no doubt that Ahmed Sayed Zizhou has a great ability to make him an influential player at an offensive level. After joining Zamalek, now the biggest challenge for him is to regain his fitness and level to be competitive and worthy to wear a white shirt.

Who are you, Zuzu?

I am 23 years old, playing in Belgium and Portugal. I occupy the center of the playmaker and the left wing and I can play in the right gallery.

Zizou is produced by the JMG Academy (Jean-Marc Gillo), an academy with branches in different countries, founded by a former French national player.

Zizou is similar to his new colleague Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, "electrified" to a great extent in skills and style. A player who is good at dribbling, likes to hold the ball, quickly changes direction, preferably standing by the line.

Perhaps Zizu's most remarkable feature is his ability to overtake his opponent in one place.


Zamalek are entering a very important stage of their season, striving to stick to their lead to organize the league and go as far as possible to the Confederacy.

In which he needs ready alternatives because many games have their drawbacks.

The White Knight has 5 players in the center of the wing. Kahraba, Ibrahim Hassan, Mustafa Fati, Mohamed Antar and Ahmed Madbuly.

Both Fati and Antar are participating, while Madbuly is away from the accounts of Swiss coach Christian Gross.

And now joins the Zizu menu.

Is it melting fast? Or is he affected by his long stay?

Let's wait and see ..

Early migration

Like several players who leave Egypt to play in Europe, such as Ahmed Hosam, Mido and Mohammed Zidane, Zizow has traveled to the old continent at the age of 17.

He was elected by the Tigris Valley Club at the JMG Academy in 2012 and several months later he moved to the second team of the Belgian Liers Club (both owned by Egyptian businessman Majdie Sami).

He plays the season with the team and then rises to participate with the first team and is a player in the 2014-2015 season that the club takes part in the first division.

He continued with Leices after the team sank into Serie B before leaving Maarra for the National in January 2017.

His good half-season performance with "National" made him go directly to the next transfer market. Lears sold it to Morrigan, Portugal.

He was in the starting lineup last season before returning to Egypt. (See Details of the crisis that did not allow him to return to Portugal)

The last official game was in April 2018.

Zizou's experience will definitely support him in his new mission, but playing in a team that he does not accept without winning is certainly difficult.

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