Sunday , June 4 2023

Google introduces 3 new features for Chrome OS this month


Today, Google unveiled three new features that will be introduced on Chrome OS devices this month, and since the Chrome OS update is happening in the background, you should see these features on your Chromebook already, and below are the highlights of these features according to the US mspoweruser site.

– New media controls

Google is introducing new media controls in Chrome OS that allow you to control audio from a tab or app. Users can open their system menu and see all Chromebook sections or apps that play audio from one place.

– New camera application

The updated Chromebook camera app provides Google Pixel Slate portrait mode support, and Google will transfer it to other Chromebooks in the future. Google also updates the camera app's user interface to switch between new modes, such as square and column modes.

– Improved notification management

You can now easily check and clear notifications from Play Store apps on your Chromebook, and you can dismiss your notifications with the Clear All button.

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