Wednesday , December 2 2020

Hassan Hosny travels to Paris to finish his treatment

Al-Waf: In the next few hours, talented artist Hassan Hosni will travel to the French capital of Paris to finish his treatment where he returned two days ago to attend the Fatten Hamama Award.

Cairo International Film Festival.

Among the most outstanding works of Hasan Hosni is the film "Innocent" 1985, "Badrone" 1979, "Escape" 1991 and works with a number of famous directors including Mohamed Kahn

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In the film "The Wife of an Important Person" (1987), "The City's Paradise" (1993), Radwan Al-Kacheff (1993) in the movie "Les Violet" (1993), Osama Fawzi in Ashes of Asphalt, in which he embodied five awards.

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