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How to use Skinurine cream to catch

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Skin creams are medical products that are used in the treatment of many skin ailments such as pimples or dark or reddish spots or various problems that affect the skin, and therefore many people use this cream especially at the knees to remove the fire on the knee as we will explain to You.

About Karim Skinurin

Skin creams are medical products that contain azylic acid, which helps kill bacteria on the surface of the skin, which is the main cause of dark skin.

The ingredients in Skinurine Cream interfere with the skin by interfering with melanin, which gives skin elasticity and gradually brightens the skin.

Karim Skinurin is used in the treatment of many skin diseases such as rosacea, which affects the cheeks, nose and chin, and is used in the treatment of black spots on the skin.

How to use Skinurine cream

Skin cleansers are used on dry and clean skin, this must be washed and dried before applying this cream to the skin.

Initially, the hands must be washed before applying the cream and putting the cream in the affected area well, be careful not to touch this cream for the eyes and mouth and nose, and if contact with this cream for one of these areas must be washed immediately this area.

It takes several weeks for the results to appear. If the results do not improve and dark colors are removed on the skin, if there is no improvement for 3 months, the right doctor will be consulted immediately.

This cream should not be used for more than six consecutive months without referring to the doctor, nor should it be applied to the skin of children under 12 years of age.

Side effects after using skinnorin cream

Some side effects may occur in patients after placing this cream, such as:
Some bright spots appear on the skin or are used.

Irritation and redness on the skin with dehydration on the skin and sometimes laminating.

This cream should not be used for anyone who is allergic to the medical preparations involved in this cream installation.

Pregnant women or women should not use this cream unless they consult a specialist.

Benefits of Skinurine cream for sensitive and dark areas

This cream is a cream that is very safe to use on the skin and has many benefits such as:
1- This is an antibacterial and inflammatory cream and removes bacteria that cause burning and acne.

2. This safety cream is used for all skin values ​​and handles all dark spots in a few weeks.
3 – This cream does not affect the skin negatively because it targets abnormal pigment cells, making it suitable for people with tanning and the presence of pigmentation on the skin.

Damage to cream creams in sensitive areas

The use of skinnorin cream in some people can cause sensitivity, redness and irritation to the skin, especially for those who are allergic to one of the preparations.

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