Thursday , February 25 2021

Ihab Fahmy Cinema Zalaana

11/22 13:13

Artist Ehab Fahmi expressed his happiness in his role in the Spirit of Spirit series, Saif Al-Azazzi, whom he considered to be the "amulet of luck" among all his works.

Fahmy explained through the "8 morning" program through the DMC channel that the father's series was a distinctive change in his work history and added much of his career because it was a new color and put him in a new position among his audience and team success completely.

He added that the most difficult scene in the series is the scene of his daughter's confession that she is not her father and made clear that during the shooting she cried very loudly and did not stop crying despite the cessation of photography due to the strong you are a living person.

"I was a fan of the role played in cinema or television," he said, adding that he would be the role of Bali Hamdi on stage. Egypt already needs symbols, and Egypt is now in the age of symbols "and that it hopes to embody the character of Omar Suleiman.

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