Wednesday , August 17 2022

Increase quarantine readiness at ports and airports for maximum reception of pilgrims


The Minister of Health and Population responsible for the medical mission of pilgrimage, to provide all medical assistance to Egyptian pilgrims, and to review the supplies of medicines and medical supplies to ensure the continuation of medical care to the last group leaving the Holy Land. .

This happened during a phone call made by the Minister on Saturday morning, August 17, to the Medical Attaché of the Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and the Head of the Medical Mission of Adoration, Dr. Amr Kandil, and the Head of Mission, Dr. Mohammed Dahi, for to track the work of the mission.

The Minister for Health and Population's Advisor on Information and Ministry Spokesman, Dr. Khalid Mojahid, said the minister praised the therapeutic and preventive services provided by the mission, which contributed significantly to the absence of any infectious or epidemic epidemic or epidemic epidemic fans during the pilgrimage season this year.

He added that the Minister of Health and Population emphasized raising the level of readiness, quarantine departments in all ports and airports in connection with the arrival of Egyptian pilgrims in the homeland, after performing the worship rituals, saying that all pilgrims would be monitored upon arrival in the province through a health card Recorded at ports and airports and include the details of each pilgrim, through the health directorates at the governors, as a precautionary measure, for and ensure that no infectious or epidemic diseases.

In the same context, Dr. Khaled Mujahid said that the clinics of the Egyptian Haj Medical Mission received 58,702 cases this morning of patients in whom they needed treatment, including 54082 cases in Mecca and 4,620 cases in Medina.

For his part, the head of the medical mission of pilgrimage, Dr. Mohammed Dahi, will enter 192 cases of Saudi hospitals, leaving 132 cases after full recovery, and there are still 60 cases receiving the necessary treatment so far, and dialysis has been conducted for 36 cases in Saudi hospitals, 232 Dialysis sessions, while 8 other cases received chemotherapy, indicating that the mission team coordinated with Saudi hospitals prior to conducting dialysis and chemotherapy sessions to ensure that the Egyptian Nurses receive the most medical service, and the mission's medical team goes through daily "morning and evening" All hospitals that have a Book of Pilgrims to check on them and monitor their health.

The medical attaché of the Egyptian embassy in Saudi Arabia and the head of the medical mission of pilgrimage, Dr. Amr Kandil, confirmed that no infectious or epidemic diseases have been detected by Egyptian pilgrims this morning, stating that the preventive organ is being prevented. raise awareness for fans to take preventative measures because of Follow them and distribute leaflets and leaflets to avoid infectious diseases and how to prevent them s.

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