Saturday , May 8 2021

New HIV vaccine


New HIV vaccine


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Test a new anti-AIDS vaccine

Next year, the HIV Center will begin testing a new AIDS vaccine. This new vaccine is very promising and its use will eliminate the need to continue taking drugs.

Alexei Mazuz, head of the Center for the Prevention and Control of Immune Deficiency in Moscow, said the effect of the new vaccine is so strong that the patient can not take drugs over a long period of time and the patient's body will not show resistance to the therapeutic substance, in addition to low costs compared to treatments.

The new vaccine test will begin next year and will be tested. If the test results are positive, it will be used extensively after three years, he added.

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Russian vaccine against AIDS

Mazowitz noted that Moscow remains the smallest capital city among the world's capital cities in terms of the number of people living with AIDS, although 3000 are diagnosed annually.

Source: Medical Forum

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