Thursday , May 6 2021

Physical race and punishment for players of the national absent from the match Al-Wasl

The group of players absent from the Al-Bell game is playing today at the Emirates Stadium under the supervision of Hussein Abd al-

Al Ahley will meet with Al Wasl in the UAE at 17:30 on Thursday in Cairo in the 16th round of the Zayed Cup for the Arab Championship clubs, knowing that the first match in Burj al-Arab ended with an equal score of 22 .

Muammen Zakaria, Bass Ali, Mohamed Hanni, Mado Jaber and Mahmoud Al Jazer, as well as the two waiting parties – Amr Gamal and Amr Barakat.

Al-Murrana included a physical side and a light balls for warming, and then a goal adjustment.

Hanny performs additional workouts that run around the stadium while Ajay held a session and completed her program. Rehabilitation in leakage under the guidance of a rehabilitation specialist for Tariq Abdul Aziz.

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