Monday , October 18 2021

Raise 190 road conditions on Faisal Street


Major General Dr. Mustafa Shehata, Assistant Secretary of Home Affairs of the Giza Security Sector, stepped up control campaigns
Fraudsters, possession of firearms and drugs, suspects and fugitives
For the execution of Faisal Street Department Department's decision on the pyramid.

And the result
The efforts of the campaign today, which was under the oversight of Major General Edda Al-Oda, Director of the General Department of Giza,
Major-General Mohamed al-Alffi, Deputy Director of Investigation and Major General Medhat Fairs, Director of Criminal Investigation
Accidental withdrawal of criminal convictions, consideration of 15 suspected cases, removal of 190 cases of occupation on the road
Edit 45 مخرورية.

And she got it
The campaign welcomed and satisfied all the Center's citizens and asked to be continued, emphasizing their greetings
And their gratitude to the police and the efforts.

And offer
General Mustafa Shehata, director of the Giza Security Department, gave the necessary protocols for each incident
And to oblige the competent prosecution offices to conduct investigations.

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