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The battle of consciousness in the Arab world for Israel

I recently watched on one of the Arab satellite channels a debate between two people, the first is enthusiastic about normalization with Israel, and the second is against this normalization, but the normalization enthusiast has presented three arguments in support of his opinion, and the second, who has only negative emotions against Israel.

In this article, I want to equip the Arab citizen with the scientific argument that normalization with Israel is a cancer easier than flesh, and that those who are concerned about normalization are the free electrolytes that are a cover for the spread of cancer.

The enthusiast put forward three arguments to justify his enthusiasm for normalization with Israel. The first is that Israel is a strong, advanced, democratic and better country than all Arab countries combined and has defeated all Arab countries.
The second argument is that Israel's legitimacy is based on its status at the UN and its recognition by most countries around the world.

The third argument is that the Qur'an dedicated Palestine to the children of Israel and expelled the Palestinians from it because the children of Israel were God's chosen people and that the survival of the Palestinians in Palestine was an aggression against the right of the Jews to return to Palestine.

Naturally, the other party is not in a position to discuss these arguments, and this is the argument that the lie is used to prove itself correct and so that the Arab citizen will not be able to respond to those arguments.

With regard to the first argument, it is true that Israel claims that it is the only democracy in the region and that the Arabs around it are the worst types of tyranny and that its progress is due to democracy. From the Jews.

The result was that Israel could not survive if the Arab regimes were democratized. Second, the West was complicit with Israel and the Arab rulers, so that the region would remain under their control and their opportunities to remain plundered and the Arab peoples to endure all ordeal . People fled in an era of emancipation, independence and prosperity. Israel is a cancer that ravages the Arab body and becomes a devastation on its mind. That is why Israel guides the Arab rulers in suppressing the revolutions of the Arab peoples.

In addition, Israeli democracy is only for the Jews, and the Jewish people in Israel are united by the Zionist project to rape Palestine and conquer the Arab people. It is a gang democracy and cannot be accounted for in the democratic systems of the world. Israel cannot be considered an extension of Western civilization, the region.

The second argument is that Israel's legitimacy lies in its international stance and the number of people who recognize it. In fact, this is a formative criterion because Israel lacks legitimacy and is part of a colonial conspiracy against the Arab world and Palestine.

However, this decision was a scam for the Arabs and was only a step towards the Zionist project, but this decision is not legal as it is contrary to the powers of the General Assembly in the Charter of the United Nations, but a number of resolutions have been issued by the United Nations used by Israel to erode its primary purpose.

Its membership in the United Nations is contingent on General Assembly resolution 273 of 9 May 1949. These conditions were not fulfilled by Israel and its membership had to be lifted, especially since Israel declared it a Jewish state only and that Jews would return the land of the ancestors usurped by the Palestinians.

The Gulf interlocutor is influenced by the Israeli narrative and his mind is unable to further understand the matter. Israel does not meet the requirements of Article 4 of the United Nations Charter. It is not a state because it originates from a foreign land and the instrument for its creation, a resolution for a title that does not admit to being contrary to the Charter. Moreover, his behavior shows that he is not peaceful and that he is neither capable nor willing to comply with UN resolutions. Even if we acknowledge the sound foundations on which Israel has obtained UN membership, its violation of all UN resolutions, including of the World Court justifies his exclusion from the UN. Do not stop scorning and attacking her.

As for the number of countries that have recognized Israel, this is because Israel has conquered Egypt in the Camp David deal, a change to the fall of Arab diplomacy that has prevented world countries from recognizing Israel. However, the world recognized Israel because of the weakness of the Arabs, but because of Arab complicity with Israel against the Arab world. In a clear compromise between the atrocities of Israel and the retention of the powers of their thrones.

Finally, the third argument in which the interlocutor gave the Quran text is: "When Moses said to his people, enter into the holy land that God wrote for you." This text entices generals and fools with explanation, as presented by the interlocutors. in the Persian Gulf. In the rule of the Palestinians, God chose the children of Israel to choose the exam, not their preference over others. God chose them in the beginning to carry the first message in the Age of Messages after the ages of the prophets, but they were incapacitated and disbelieving N Karim their story and how God spread them into tyranny, blinded him and then led them to take Aziz Moctadir then said the inks misrepresented the Torah and claimed that God had not said it.

Therefore, the Qur'an said that those who carry the Torah do not carry it like a donkey carrying books, and told Galt his ability "Woe to those who write the book with their hands and then say it from God to buy it for a little while price … ".

This is a people chosen to test their faith, not chosen to please God for them, but it flashes in the verses of the wise mention of the history of the Israelites, which we find in the folds of many of the Qur'an wall of slander so promised to God and fulfilled and promised to make him monkeys and pigs.

Moreover, God Almighty has revealed his ability to dedicate land to part of his creation. Land seizure is left to human interaction and earthquake. It is foolish to interpret the Qur'an contrary to the authority of God in His kingdom.

In another article, we mentioned two points concerning the children of Israel: "Bring him to peace in safety." Therefore, their numbers are small and they do not recognize the message of Jesus, who also came down on them. They understood the people who were alone with the three prophets with the message. Moses' message to Aaron and then the letter from Jesus came specifically to the Israelites, believing what was wrong with them. He told the Quran What it means to lie or kill their prophets, and these prophets came between Moses and Jesus, especially David and Solomon.

Finally, I tell the author of these arguments that the Jews have ruled Palestine for less than two hundred years, and you want them to return to the rule of Palestine and expel its people after their spread to the land and lose their unity while following the orders of the Elders of Zion , which opposes all religions and morals, and if this story is true, the Arab Muslims of the Ottomans returned to the Arab world, which ruled for ten centuries, the Romans returned to Egypt, which ruled for more than six centuries, and the Greeks returned to Egypt, which ruled for three centuries, and the map of the world changed. Let's bring this issue to your mind and to understand the Qur'an accurately and do not refer to the verses that serve your little vision.

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