Wednesday , August 17 2022

The first Sufi Road commentary on Sisi talks about the Abu Ihlas Mosque


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President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi settled the dispute over the transfer and demolition of the mosque and sanctuary of Imam Sufi Abu al-Ihlas al-Zarqani on Mahmoudia's path and decided to move the mosque and sanctuary to complete Mahmoudia's design axis.

The president said during the opening of a greenhouse project at Mohammed Naguib's base on Saturday that a mosque in Alexandria is preventing a Mahmoudia axis project and a bridge from being created in the region, urging security services to halt the matter quickly.

He continued: "God and Prophet Mohammed are pleased with this; he stops the road and stops the bridge because people understand that it is not appropriate. We told Hovoa a new place and we are working on a new mosque replica."

He went on to say: "mosques and churches are not built on anyone's land; they are required to have land for adoption, and the state agrees and who works otherwise remains a mistake, even from a religious point of view, emphasizing:" What happened to the state in the interest of the people? "

For his part, Mohammed Safwat Fuda, deputy chief of Sufi roads in Alexandria, told Egyptian Today: "There is no speaking after the president's words and we have to fulfill it for the public interest," adding: "We are waiting to find out the details of the decision whether to move the mosque only while we remain on the dedicate or move them together. "

The engineering department in the northern region has decided to demolish 14 mosques along Mahmoudia Road in order to implement a new axis project with the construction of alternative, civilized mosques in order to accommodate a greater number of citizens and not hinder traffic.

However, the Sufis objected to the overthrow of the mosque and the shrine of Sidi Abu al-Ihlas al-Zarqani in the area of ​​Gate al-Enab. An operating room has been set up to monitor the decision and consultations between Sufi road drivers. In the new mosque.

Sheikh Burhan al-Din Abu al-Ihlas Ahmed al-Zarqani is one of the righteous saints. He was born in the village of Taiba al-Jafariya in the Garbia district on April 11, 1924. He is buried in Alexandria, where he has lived since he was young.

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