Tuesday , November 24 2020

The Gate of the Dawn: Before that, Saudi Arabia

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The 10-member Saudi medical team, led by a British expert, has successfully devised new antibodies that provide protection against vascular dementia, cerebrovascular disease, and Alzheimer's disease in patients with stroke. The experiment is successful in animal species and will soon be applied to the first human.

The goal of the treatment is to prevent a large group of cell fats adhering to the monoclonal protein (CRB), which is mainly derived from extracellular brain stroke compounds. Antibodies produced by the monoclonal antibody block the affected areas of the brain. By removing monoclonal protein and no accumulation in brain tissue, reducing the risk of complications from chronic neurodegenerative diseases and the formation of abnormal blood vessels bearing the characteristics of dementia.

The main disease subject of the present invention is vascular dementia, "protein accumulation." Infections have been shown to increase the incidence of dementia by about 4-12 times. According to the National Institutes of Health in the UK, one or more human clots are observed, 65 years of age are the main cause of dementia and more than 60% of people with cerebral thrombosis due to cerebral ischemia develop symptoms of poor cognitive perception, and about 40% of those with a silent stroke have complications during 10 Odin trauma cerebral vascular or Alzheimer's disease, and in general, 50% of all people with dementia have been exposed to complications neurodegenerative or vascular dementia.

Source: – Saab newspaper

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