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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


The Egyptian Egyptian press issue issued the greetings of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to the Egyptian people on the anniversary of the Prophet's birth, the latest results of the Cessé President's initiative on the elimination of viruses and non-communicable diseases.

"The President congratulates people on the birth of the Prophet," News reported that President Abdel Fatah al-Siqi congratulates the Egyptian people on the Prophet's birth anniversary.

The newspaper cites President Cesis yesterday through his official Facebook social networking site: "On the day of the birth of free minds and hearts, his life was a story of great generosity and sacrifice for those who are not yet born. a loving and generous prophet, the earth gleaming with the light of his birth, and mercy came to the worlds. "Al-Sisi added," Every year, on the anniversary of the birth of the creator of creation, our lord Mohammed is there.

Under the heading "Investigating 10 million citizens at the initiative of the president," the news reported that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's initiative to eliminate the "virus C" and detect non-communicable diseases completed the medical study of 10 million citizens within 50 days of the beginning of the initiative last October In nine governors.

The newspaper said the Health Minister, Dr. Hala Zayed, during his inspection with General Fayed, Governor Fayum, had several fact-points for the Fayum initiative to ensure full medical assistance to citizens.

The rate of infection with virus C does not exceed 5% of patients, and then the rate of diabetes and pressure from 5 to 6%, and the results show that about 60% of citizens have studied obesity.

She pointed out that the Governor of Feymum completed the survey of one million citizens. Rural executives were encouraged to encourage citizens to participate in the presidential initiative and to attend the committee's liver to release the necessary treatment.

The Governments of Upper Egypt are the least that shows that there is a plan to deal with the obesity disease, signs a protocol with the Ministry of Higher Education and conducts training sessions to raise awareness of the seriousness of obesity, leading to lethal diseases and corrective concepts . For walking, eating and fast food.

The Minister of Health has developed a plan for the development of state hospitals by selecting a number of model hospitals, of which 536 hospitals in the healthcare sector are developing in stages.

On the front page, under the title "Unprecedented expansion of the mass transit network" Al-Ahrah newspaper, Transport Minister Dr. Hisham Arafat has unveiled a number of large and unprecedented projects to build a modern and integrated transport network linking Great Cairo with new urban communities in the East The new administrative capital and the city of Sheikh Zayed to improve the service of citizens and the early response to the congestion and congestion that are expected in the coming years.

Arafat said in a statement to Al-Ahram that the government had received three international proposals for the construction of two 84-mile-high monorail trains to be built on bridges starting from the third subway line (Ataba, Heliopolis). Through the city of Nasser and Fifth and Nova Cairo, and administrative capital with a length of 52 kilometers.

He explained that the second project starts from the second subway line (Shubra Al-Kheima Al-Moneeb), to the town of Sheikh Zayed with a length of 32 kilometers.

He added that these proposals will be taken into account in order to choose the best and quickest way to complete these projects to improve the passenger transport service by ensuring convenient transport and reducing congestion and pollution. He pointed out that the negotiations with the Japanese the end of the fourth subway line, the old palace, the good king and the Giza Square, even the Al-Ahram Shooting and Garden Gardens and the Grand Museum, marking the second phase starting from ancient Egypt in the direction of Salah Salem and Nasser Sit And then – Fifth and New Cairo.

Arafat confirmed that for the first time in Egypt these major projects are running at the same time. Phase IV, which is expected to be open to the public by the end of December, takes place in two stages.

On another issue, Al-Ahram reported that Education Minister Dr. Tarek Shoky confirmed that amendments to the current Education Act are currently being made to allow the exceptions of talented high school students to co-ordinate admission to universities, allowing the student to choose college wishing to enter,

In a speech at the Sustainable Development Conference organized by the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Shipping, the minister said Harry would be created in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf to spend his earnings on completing the reform of the education system.

He added: "We followed the high school issue through the Shaoming website, describing this omission as a great illusion, and this illusion is sold to students for about £ 5,000 and I have already bought samples of these questions to know what they are doing. blocking these traffickers from the feelings of parents.

In private lessons, the minister pointed out that the guardian pays 500 pounds to a teacher, explaining that the new education system will eliminate this phenomenon.

He called for a change of people's ideas and culture to coordinate access to universities so as to focus on university disciplines that meet the needs of the labor market and said that the Arabic language in schools and universities is the hardest, while parents try to teach foreign languages ​​to their children.

In economic affairs, "real estate tax without fine fines until the end of December", Al-Ahram reported that Dr. Samia Hussein, head of the real estate tax administration, confirmed that the Ministry of Finance's amendments to the current tax law law will take into account all issues,

The meeting, which was held by the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Customs at Cairo under the leadership of Hassan Hijazzi, said investors and businessmen will comment on troubled factories, closed facilities and strategic industries, with amendments including a prolongation the inventory period and the housing unit estimation In 2013 by the end of December 2020, which means that the current two-year unchanged assessment is not considered to be a change in the assessment from the outset o of 2021, confirming that the decision in favor of the citizens as a stable value assessed on the basis of 2013
Hussein said the goal is to raise £ 5.8 billion in the current financial year, compared with £ 3.2 billion last year. Homeowners may pay the tax due for 2018 until 31 December without the statutory fine that allows taxpayers to pay tax throughout the year.

She pointed out that the deadline for filing the declaration, extended until the end of June 2019, was restricted to property owners exempt from tax whose market value was less than £ 2 million. According to the law, anyone who owns a real estate property must go to the Authority to file the declaration and pay the tax. If his unit is subject to an exemption or has been exempted if his unit is released.
She pointed out that the sanction for failure to file the declaration varies between 200 and 2000 pounds and that the benefits of the late payment of the tax are calculated on the basis of the discount rate declared by the central bank plus 2%.

The Awqaf Ministry has announced the completion of all legal, technical and administrative procedures for launching the World Waqf Academy for Immigration Training and Training for Trainers from and outside of Egypt. Training programs. In accordance with the vision of President Abdul Fatah al-Siqi during the celebration of the birth of the Prophet, the preparation of the Imam enlightened the intellectual.

The newspaper quotes Mohammad Juma, the minister of Auhaf, who said the academy will be held on October 6 and will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from language laboratories, computers, a large translation room, training and hotel rooms on a total area over 11,000 square meters worth over £ 100 million From the Ministry's own resources.

He pointed out that the academy received emas from Egypt, Africa and the world, reflecting the role of Egypt and its status and its power to communicate with all countries around the world, especially Africa. He added that the academy would be a practical translation of what the president had asked Cesi to create enlightened intellectual clerics. Congratulating the president's approval to train some young scientists from the fund at the National Academy of Education.

In economic terms, the "Republic" that Dr. Sahar Nasr. Minister for Investment and International Cooperation, discussed with the World Bank delegation headed by Axel Baumler the latest development of the Upper Egypt Governor's Local Development Program, which provided him with $ 500 million of funding for the Governors of Sohaq and Kena.

The mission informed the Minister of the results of her visit to the two provinces and her meetings with program representatives, welcoming the great progress in implementing the projects in line with the timetable and highlighting the Bank's desire to continue its full support for infrastructure projects, Upper Egypt. It also boasted the economic legislation in Egypt, which has helped improve the business climate to make it suitable for attracting more investment.

The newspaper quoted the minister as saying that the Sohaq province included 27 Kena 19 projects and projects benefiting from about 8.2 million people and contributed to creating more employment opportunities for young people and women in the most deprived areas .

The Bank also calls for payments to be based on the country's priorities, which seeks to channel large amounts of money to governments most in need of an increase in service levels, particularly in the field of infrastructure that are parallel to the desire to inject big investments in all areas in the governors of Upper Egypt, To make Upper Egypt attract investment under President Sissy's directives and provide opportunities for sons to work after some of the Governments of Gore th Egypt, the largest migration of population in the capital.

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