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We were silent about the mistakes in the arbitration … Do not ask me about the dismissal

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Cartier Conference: Big silence for the mistakes in arbitration. Do not ask me about the dismissal of Masres on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

Cartier Conference: Our Silence for Mistakes in Arbitration. Do not ask me for dismissal

In yellow Posted in Jol on 22 – 11 – 2018

Al Ahli coach Patrice Cartier was desperate for the referee's decision against Al-Bess.
Ahley left the Zayed Club Cup after a tie with Al Wasl SAE for a match in the second round of the 16th round.
"We gave a good level and we started the attack and we had a shot at Al-Qaime," Cartieron told the press conference after the match.
"At the same time, Al Wasl's players made many mistakes against the judge without any reaction."
The French coach continued: "With the hurry to attack, we got a goal in a moment."
"After Al-Wale's goal turned clear in many matches and the referee started playing the balls, he did not count for us before.
"We have been subjected to judicial injustice in the last period and I am silent and do not turn to talk about arbitration, but it has become difficult and it is time to talk about the mistakes in the arbitration against us because the first game was not considered a punishment."
"Everyone in the team is disappointed with the equality of players and technical staff and we wanted to qualify for the next round of the tournament."
"The hard times are part of the football, we lost the second championship in the days and the players appeared in high spirits."
"Achilles did not lose anything, the team was not far from the competition, we lost the Africa finals and today we were not happy," he said.
Finally, he asked Cartieron to remove him from Al-Ahley's training, he said, "Do not ask me for the release of the technical staff, ask who has said this news."
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