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Beretke Simon, Tadeze Kasa, charged with corruption

Bereket Simon-Tadesi Tinkishu
Tadez Kasas (left) and Bereket Simon (right)
Photo: file

April 22,2019

Four months after his arrest in Baghdar Dar, the capital of the regional state of Amhara, a former communications minister and one of the most powerful factions of the MeleŇ° Zinawi administration, Bereket Simon, has been charged with corruption and three other crimes related to corruption.

His colleague and comrade, Tadez Casas, is also accused of the same deeds.

The allegation of corruption is related to their position as leaders of the Tiret, the regional state conglomerate Amhara, allegedly lost billions of Ethiopian beer. The regional government says they have misappropriated the transfer of Dashen Beer Share, leading to a loss of 1.8 billion Ethiopian beer.

They are also accused of using the conglomerate fund to pay personal debts from government and private banks. Paying about 46 million beers, paying for bank credit from a private company, is another charge they face.

The accused have submitted written defense, according to a report by Amhara (AMMA)

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