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Celebrate 90 years of world-class dance at Wayne State Dance Dance Dance Concert

Celebrate 90 years of world-class dance at Wayne State Dance Dance Dance Concert

The Magi Alizé Theater and Dance Department, a program at the College of Fine Arts and Communication Arts at Wein State University, is excited to start our 90-year-old dancing year at the Wayne Feast with the annual December Dance Concert, December 7 and 8 at the Center for Performing Arts in Detroit Music Hall. This year's show promises a variety of moving works that showcases dance accents over the decades. Dance students are pleased to work with talented artists, including invited guests, respected lecturers, and talented student choreographers.

Wayne State is proud to present Twyla Tharp's "One Hundreds" as a great Dance Celebration in Wayne's 90th Year. From the track, Tharp says, "One hundred eleven seconds that are performed by two dancers in unison divided into four seconds between each segment … Five people each make twenty different segments at a time, so hundreds represent one-fifth of the time and then a hundred commodities make one for eleven seconds, right? Are you following me? Let's go through it again, and fifteen people present all the phrases for a fifth of the time. People each do one at a time – eleven seconds. This famous work will include 100 people from the Metro Detroit community as they join the Wayne dancers to create a dynamic and exciting work of art.

Valentin Ballet of the great Gerald Arpino will be once again animated by the director of the Meg Paul Dance and the live music of Charles V. Paul. In what the "Houston Chronicle" describes "Magic, witty, magic interaction between … antagonists in the whim of boxing ring," this duet with live solo bass will have fun and enjoyment.

For Sandana, the African dance company Wayne State joins the mix, an exciting audience with African dance and drum performance, guaranteed to inspire, refresh, educate and entertain. The company celebrates rich cultural traditions of African heritage as well as contemporary African-American experience.

Theater and dance in Wayne is proud to present works by visiting artist Pilobolus in collaboration with the RAS faculty, Mike Courtney. They also feature works by Eva Powers, Carin Pearl, Jennifer Harge, Christie Fulkner, and Alzheimer Liz Schmidt, along with choreographers from current students, Leia O'Donnell, Rachel Andes and Maddy Peck. This will surely be an inspiring and refreshing evening of dance, honor and the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the dance at Wayne State University. In addition to the opening night on 7 December, there is a special reception at 18:00. Tickets for the concert and reception are available for purchase online by visiting by calling Theater and Dance at Wayne's Cashier at (313) 577-2972 or by visiting the 4743 Cass Avenue office at Hancock Street .

About Wayne State University
Wayne State University is one of the largest state-run research universities in urban settings. Through its multidisciplinary approach to research and education and its ongoing collaboration with government, industry and other institutions, the university strives to improve economic growth and improve the quality of life in Detroit, Michigan and around the world. For more information about Wayne University Research, visit

Parts included in the Dance Day Concert

Choreographers: Mark Fuchik and Dr. RAS Mike Cortney (2018 Alexei Artist in Resident)
in cooperation with performers
Music: Nosaj Thing, Tycho and Dustin O'Hairoran (mixed by Dr. RAS Mikey C)
Amanda Benjy, Isabella Brown, Natalie Cantalino, Renee Dempsey, Karin Eyglin, Joala Fitzpatrick, Max Golden, Keane Hunter, Arthur Kinney, Joseph Mattar, Katherine McNarney, Brooklyn Park, Maddy Peck, Lena Schupart

Choreographer: Eva Powers
Composer: FIRST LAST
Dancers: Canyon Ayr, Rally Aranyan, Eric Blovit, Olivia Bonic, Kendall Chianter, Brian Clark, Taylor Kraft, Stephanie Dobra, Madeline Dur, Rackel Dunnebak, Alexandra Filell,

I love the wonderful (Saturday only)
Choreographer: Christie Fulkner in collaboration with dancers
Music: "I Will Cry If I Want" by Leslie Gore
Dancers: Makita Jounton, Olivia Kemes, Python Kowlowski, Alex Lee, Andersen Liaw, Joseph Mattar, Lisa McCabe, Jessica Mosner, Samantha Penny, Jada Powell, Alexis Rose, Briana Schmidt, Dunny Scott, Gabe Stefi

Choreographer: Karen Prull
Music: Black Coffee Ft. Toshi-Buya – Monique Bingham Deep at the bottom
Dancers: Michael Bolden, Brian Clark, Taylor Kraft, Stephanie Good, Alice Grabinski, Olivia Kemis, Joseph Mathar, Alexis Rose

Choreographer: Lee O'Donnell
Music: Youtube Disapproved: Chorus Girls 1934, David Chernyavsky: "Tsu De Hure / A Reddy / Karak ho", Lakatos: Krismer Tsardas, Fanny Breezes: "The Song of the Sewing Machine, Benny Weinbeck: Florence Metzer: "Body and Soul", anonymously: "Family Travel," Instrumental, Music edited by Leia O'Donnell
Dancers: Cayle Adar, Amanda Benjay, Olivia Bonic, Natalie Canalino, Taylor Kraft, Rachel Dunneck, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hopper, Jessica Mosner, Maddy Peck, Jade Powell, Gabe Stefi

Choreographer: Rachel Andes
Music: "Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy
Dancers: Amanda Bennie, Hanna Bialek, Rene Dempsey, Joey Mathar, Hanna Rietumler, Shannon White

Choreographer: Gerald Arpino
* To celebrate the Joffrey / Arpino Festival, thanks to the Arpino Foundation
Taken by Meg Paul
Composer: Jacob Drukman; Kontrabas musician; Charles V. Paul
Dancers: (December 7) Amanda Zavizza, Brendan Koessel; (December 8th) Natalie Cantalino, Brendan Copsall

Choreographer: Tuila Tapar
Stage by Benjamin Bowman (2018 Alaze Resident Artist)
Dancing: Rachel Anney, Hanna Bialek, Olivia Bonice, Isabella Brown, Haley Candela, Taylor Keft, Rachel Dunnebak, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hopper, Citate Hunter, Abby Nemmi, Joseph Mathar, Ashley Taravella, Shannon White, Amanda Zavitsa, Juliana Zuche
Understudy: Amanda Benjay
Study: Max

Get in, get a seat
Choreographer: Maddy Peck
Music: "She is a beautiful woman" from panic! In the disco
Dancers: Abby Givens, Joel Fitzpatrick, Hanna Ritmuller, Amanda Zavitsa, Cathy McNarney

Choreographer: Jennifer Harge
Music: Bobby McPerin, Steve Reich, Mike Stein, Brooklyn Parks;
Etc. by Jennifer Harge
Dancers: Christine Anderson, Rachel Andes, Kendall Burkes, Rene Dempsey, Dominic
Desson, Maxwell Gold, Kira Gardford, Gabi Heaubert, Emily Hill, Quintet Hunter, Brooklyn Parks, Sara Renko, Lena Schuptar, Juliana Zuche

I twist
Choreographer: Liz Schmidt
Music: "Home Page" by Juliana Barrow,
"The first series of self-portraits" by Rachel Greens
Dancers: Amanda Benjie, Hanna Bialek, Sarah Berman, Halle Candella, Natalie Kantalino, Karin Eyglin, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hooter, Christie McAulfe, Madeline Petz, Hanna Ritmuller, Molly Sutt, Ashley Travella, Shannon White, Amanda Zavisa

TO SANGANA performs AFRO CUBAN Movement
Choreographer: Danis "La Mora" Perez
The musicians: Chinelo Amen-Ra and Basira Norris
Dancers: Cameron Blackwell, Michael Bolden, Leah Brown, Taylor Kraft, Olivia Kemis, Devonie Scott, Anthony Tunney


Stage Manager, Jocelyn Levadouh
Assistant stage manager, Sally Bremer
Costume designer Tony Toney
Lighting designer, Andrew Holdfield
Sound designer, Aydin Smith
Assistant Lighting Designer, Megan O'Brien


RACE ANDES (not yet, good to go) is a native of Detroit Metro. She is currently studying in dance at the famous State University of Wayne. She studies students as a student at the university, as well as vice president of Dance Workshop student dance company. Rachel is excited to present her work at the annual concert for December 2018.

Gerald Arpino (Valentine) was born in Stanton Island, New York, and died in 2008 in Chicago. He received an early dance training in Seattle from Mary Anne Wales. He founded the Joffrey Ballet together with Robert Joffrey in 1956 and a longtime Associate Director. After Joffrey's death in 1988, Arpino inherited him as artistic director. In 1995 he moved the Joffrey Ballet to Chicago. A leading dancer in the company in the early years, Arpino choreographed her first work for Joffrey, Rhodes in 1961. Shortly after that, she became a resident choreographer of Joffrey and has so far produced more than a third of the repertoire of the company. His incredibly varied work ranges from social commentary to pure dance gems. His ballets are in the repertoire of companies all over the world. Arpino is the first choreographer assigned to create a ballet honoring the Office of the US Presidency: the Panagyurishte and the Palace, present in two days. He is the first American to commission a ballet choir for San Antonio, Yambre. In 1993, Arpino produced the first American rock ballet, Billboards, tuned to Prince's music. Besides, Arpino is the only choreographer who has made four of his ballet at the White House. Arpino has worked on numerous meetings and councils, including the ITI / USA International ITI Ballet International Consultative Board and the Board of Dance Notation. He was a member of the New York International Arts Arts Advisory Committee. He was an adviser to the Committee of Artists for Honors at the Kennedy Center.

BENJAMIN BOWMAN (The Twelve Tharp & The One Hundred) is presented dancing on a news program created by the UNCSA Ballet University of Art, which studies Sonja Tyven and later Duncan Noble, Melissa Hayden, Gina Vidal, Frank Smith and Gula Pandi. He has participated in many summer sessions both at the San Francisco Ballet School and the American Ballet (SAB), continuing his studies with the Kansas City Ballet. Mr. Bowman was admitted to SAB as a regular student, following his second year at UNCSA, and joined the Kansas City band in 1986. He then joined the Fort Worth Ballet in 1988 where he became the main dancer 1990's New York City Ballet in 1993, performing with the ballet "Corps de Ballet" and very soloist and leading roles while leaving the company in the spring of 2000. After the NYCB Mr. Bowman was invited to join to a select group of dancers Twyla Tharp to create two new works for the American Dance Festival. The band continues to tour and work for the next two years while creating the material behind Twilly Broadway's "Movin Out," written by Billy Joel, in which Mr. Bowman comes from the role of James. After Movin Out, Mr. Bowman works freely for a number of choreographers and encompasses a long career with Martha Clark for the resumption of the "Obie" award-winning The Garden of Earthly Delights. Mr. Bowman lives in New York and is a freelancer as a teacher, choreographer, and both acts and is represented by Access Talent as a voice contractor. He has been working for the Twlya Tharp Dance Foundation since 2010.

DR. RAS MIKEY COURTNEY (Converge) is a critically acclaimed dance professional whose life mission is to spread the common understanding of communities and cultures around the world by sharing their gift for art. Dr. RAS is currently an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University and holds a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a Masters in Ethno-Theoreology from the University of Limerick, Ireland, where he holds a Doctor of Arts in Research. During the past ten years, Dr. RAS has toured for 10 years the Artist / Choreographer Associate of Pylobyl, and also in the company "Fore Im a Versatile Entertainer (FVIE)" in the USA, Ethiopia, Ireland and other countries around the world. "Movement is life and I am a leader"

KRISTI FAULKNER (I Love Surprises) is a choreographer, performer, director, pedagogue and activist based in Detroit. She is the artistic director of the "Kristy Walkner" dance, a strangely identified contemporary dances company based in Detroit, which dares to be different. Running all the way from warehouses to community centers, museums to streets, Faulkner believes that dance is accessible and allows audiences to connect with their world. Foolcner is known for his highly physical and humorous theatrical work that challenges and discovers ideas of sensuality, strength, authority, disgust, attraction, and objectivity, while authentically representing the LGBTQ identity. Community engagement and cooperation is an integral part of its practice. Her assignment was commissioned and presented in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky and New York. Faulkner is the finalist of the Magi Aleyse 2018 choreography award for "Women's Work" and the 2016 finalist for "Object / obJECT". She received 2017 MCACA New
Leader Prize. Her award-winning Knight Arts Challenge project for engaging and inspiring LGBTQ youth through performance and narrative titled "Not In My House," the prime minister of October 2018.

MARK FUCIK (Converge) is a native of Walnut Creek, California. He graduated from Bachelor of Theatrical Arts at Rutgers University. Mark joined Pilobolus in 2001 and danced with his major company until 2005. He worked with the company with many different capabilities, serving the services of Pilobolus Creative Services, teaching and acting as Associate Creative Director. He toured with the original Shadowland voice for two years as a dance captain and Associate Creative Director.

JENNIFER HARGE (The Line Between Heaven and Here, 2013) is a Detroit-based movement artist, choreographer and pedagogue. Her creative work calls for worship of blackness as a way of writing in a story that has often been wrongly named or left unnoticed. Harge has been recognized by various institutions in the country in the form of invitations to choreography, performances and residences including: Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Detroit Arts Institute, Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, Pulitzer Art Foundation,
The National Cathedral in Washington, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Living Artists Program of Djerassy, ​​the University of Michigan, the Duke University, and the Unesco State University. In 2017, she received the Kresge Arts Award at the Detroit Fellowship in Performance Art.

LEAH O'DONNELL (Ancestor Dance) has studied at the Jafri Ballet School. She has danced in The Metropolitan Opera, the Washington National Opera, in musicals and on a tour. Other sums include Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, Trainwreck, Beyoncé and others.

MADDY PETZ ("Enter, Take") is a senior BFA master. Throughout her years, she has participated in the dance seminar, To Sangana and Company One, as well as in the Oklahoma musical theater productions! and legal blonde. Maddy is extremely excited to be the premiere of her main work in last December's dance concert with Wayne State.

Meg Paul (Valentine) brings a wealth of professional experience in ballet and Broadway performance as well as in national teaching and works closely with important dance pianists and choreographers in the field; from the repertoire and artistic direction of Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey to works by Sir Frederick Ashton, George Balanchin, William Forsyth, Dwight Roden and Alonso King. Her thirties career covers a wide range of national and international experience in performance, choreography, directing, teaching, program development, community engagement and art management. Previously, she was the main dancer of the world-famous Joffrey Ballet, including major national and international travel credits with the company. For Twyla Tharp, Tony's Award for Broadway, Movin Out, she is a dancing captain and lead singer from 2001-2005. Her extensive certificates are of the highest caliber and her prizes include the Prize for Princess Grace, winner of the International North and South American Competition, Detroit Renaissance Prize for Heroes, the Sue Nine Award for the Faculty Prize and the Copperfoot Prize. Mrs. Pavel has prepared and directed Detroit Lake intensive Detroit therapy intensive and dance department. Currently, Ms. Paul is the director of dance for the department and serves as adviser to BAS and coordinator of the curriculum for dancing and ballet.

EVA POWERS, Associate Professor, former president of the Dance Department, appeared as guest artist, choreographer / master teacher throughout the country, nationally and internationally. In her early years, she directed and choreographed WSU Dance Workshop / Company, creating over 50 original works, often working in collaboration with visual artists and composers. Currently, her research interests focus on dance science and medicine and dance training She has presented her research
teaching master classes at the national and international level for a master's degree in dances across Europe, Stott Pilates International and conferences of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and the National Dance Training Organization.

KAREN PRALL (Courage, To Sangana) в момента е инструктор / преподавател в Уейнския държавен университет, инструктиращ Централния африкански и модерен танц от 2000 г. насам. Директор на африканската танцова компания в W.S.U. "За Сангана". Обучението на Пръл започва в гимназията "Фини" в Детройт, прекарвайки се в Ню Йорк, учи африкански и модерен танц от училището "Айли", Дарс театър Харлем, Ламама театър. Извършване на задълбочени изследвания, пътуващи до Конго, Сенегал, Либерия, Гана, Суринам, Париж, Мауи, последното тригодишно независимо проучване в Куба, инструктиращо тази година. Изпълнява се с първата конгоанска компания в щатите "Tanawa" и "Bichini Bia Congo of Michigan", художествен ръководител и основател на театъра за артистичен театър, член на Международната асоциация на чернокожите танци. най-важните ценности на културата в курсовете по стила на танците в Конго, помагайки на студентите да разберат по-добре връзката между танците и културата. Тя е посветена на идеята, че младите хора заемат ключ към бъдещето на нашето общество и тази идея е явно в нейните работи.

LIZ SCHMIDT (TBD) е изпълнявала ролята на художествен ръководител на тоалетните в Честърфийлд, Мичиган от 2000 г. насам. По време на мандата си в SDW нейната предпрофесионална тренировъчна програма е нараснала до почетен статут
на "Топ 20 студия" в Северна Америка, както е посочено от Dance Spirit Magazine през 2011 година. Една година по-късно това постижение бе последвано от наградата на Liz за преподавател по Dance Teacher Magazine, награда за танцов учител за 2012 година. Liz също така беше финалист за 2012 и 2013 в церемонията по връчването на наградите "Capezio ACE" за хореографски постижения и наскоро бе назначен от Уейнския държавен университет за 2012-2013 г. на наградата за постижения в областта на изкуствата в областта на танците. След като получава бакалавърската си степен по танци от Уейнския държавен университет през 2004 г., Лиз е служила на факултета в Уейнския държавен университет и университета в Мичиган, както и гостуващи учителски позиции в университета в Оукланд и Университета Университета в Западен Мичиган. Liz се присъединява към The Dance SESSIONS като пълноправен факултет през 2007 година
и също така се радваше на гостуването и наставничеството в много работни срещи и студиа в САЩ и Канада. През пролетта на 2016 г. Лиз спечели титлата Майка с красивата, умна и глупава дъщеря си Кара Виолет Мазуркьович.

Twyla Tharp След като завършва барнардския колеж през 1963 г., г-жа Tharp е хореографирана над сто шестдесет творби: сто двадесет и девет танци, дванадесет телевизионни спектакъла, пет холивудски филма, четири пълнолетни балета, четири шоута по Бродуей и две кънтри фигурки съчетания. Тя също е написала три книги. Тя получи една награда Тони, две награди "Еми", деветнадесет почетни доктора, наградата на президента на Виетнамските ветерани от Америка, Националния медал на изкуствата за 2004 г., наградата "Джеръм Робинс" за 2008 г. и наградата "Кенеди център 2008". Нейните много от стипендиите включват Джон Д. и Катрин Т. Макартър стипендия. Тя е член на Американската академия за изкуства и науки и почетен член на Американската академия за изкуства и писма. В допълнение към хореографията за собствената си компания Twyla Tharp Dance, тя е създала танци за
компании в цял свят, където нейните произведения продължават да се извършват. Днес г-жа Tharp продължава

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