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News: Protests on the fourth day leave one dead, very wounded in the city of Dava

Addis Ababa, January 25, 2012 – What began as a protest against a group of people who were told to throw stones at a religious meeting Timket The celebrations in the city of Direct Rain, an authorized city in eastern Ethiopia, have become protests covering various parts of the city, leaving one child to die, ten wounded, according to Ibrahim Oussman, City of Mior, who talks to fans of the state FanaBC this morning, It is unclear whether the victim was killed by the security forces. Today, there are also growing confrontations between protesters and security forces.

The incident in which groups of people were accused of throwing stones at a congregation from Timket procession happened on Monday, January 21, triggering interference from security forces. However, the next
days of violent protests spread throughout the city with protesters
Mayor of the city Ibrahim Usman to resign.

According to a report published on DW Amharic on January 24, an unknown number of people have been injured,
property has been destroyed, including the administration
of Kebele o5; cars were also destroyed as protesters blocked the road
with hot tires. A witness told the news portal that security
the forces tried to disperse the protesters with rubber bullets.

On Wednesday, January 23, the city police said they had arrested 84 people allegedly suspected of involvement in the Monday and Tuesday incidents that "provoked violence in the city."

in addition to raising issues of maladministration, severe
water and other infrastructures, today's protesters were
also called for the release of the arrested on Wednesday. AS

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