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Pierce Morgan and his celebrity are angry as he confronts Ariana Grand

Ariana Grant is not the first celebrity Pierce Morgan had scrapped online after the two heads of the votes of Good Morning British host of the Little Mix & Strip Music Video Review.

In a heated clash last night, Ariana came to Pierce after her mother, Joan, came up with her thoughts about the journalist's disgust for the Little Mix.

Pierce told Mama Grand: "Hi Joan, my mother taught me to talk to my mind and never be afraid to express honest opinion.

"Ellen is a hypocrite – and as for Little Mix, I would prefer to use my talent to sell recordings rather than nudity, like your daughter …!

Yes, Ellen Degeneres was also there.

Anyway, it would never fly well for Dangerous Woman, as Ariana writes: "Ellen is an amazing and kind human being, I use my talent and my sexuality all the time because I choose.

"Women can be sexual and talented, naked and worthy, this is our choice, and we will continue to fight until people understand, I say this with all due respect, but thanks to the next.

"Keep fighting the fight divas @ LittleMix your sisters have your back."

But she was not done, as she added: "Also, @piersmorgan, I look forward to the day you realize there are other ways to become relevant than to criticize young, beautiful and successful women for everything they do.

"I think this will be a beautiful thing for you and your career, or what's left of it.


Of course, it comes after the OG battle between the lead and the Little Mix after he asked Jessie Nelson to apologize after calling him BBC Radio 1 after suggesting their message of positivity to the body was a thinly mundane attempt to sold records are sold.

So many "afters" – so much to unpack.

Ariana in Pierce (Picture: Rex / Getty)

This is not the first time Pierce has encountered a celebrity, be it on Twitter or on the GMB sofa.

Let's look, do not we?

Christie Tiegen

These two are going back. For years, we have been looking back and forth for the Chrisie model (who also had many vicious words with President Donald Trump who seems close to Pierce) and the lead as they claim everything but mostly feminism.

Which, as you will see from several of these publications, is a current topic …

Returning in 2016, they entered something when both were calling to other hunters who used one another for exposing, and a boy had a lot to unpack.

Chrissy is not yet a fan (Picture: Invision)

She finished with Pierce, saying that Christie's husband, John Legend, was a genius to forgive her.

Crisis really did not care about that.

She then pushed Ariana into beef this week, though she refers to Pierce, well, a gadget.

It is really too early for all this.

She writes: "Every time someone mentions the piers, his dick gets one more boil, and his cheeks cry with tears of joy.

Pierce asked if she could get away with such a comment about a woman, and really, please just stop.

Kim Kardashian

An ongoing ping-pong game was held back and forth, and the lead star called the real star on numerous occasions to use his body as he considered fit (see Current Theme), judging it as another cheap game for sales.

Kim shot back in February, as she gave GMB a host of her scent because she wanted her haters to get some love.

Kim and Pierce are back (Picture: Getty)

Pierce replied, saying that he would also send his own bottle, Provocateur, to his inhumane ones.

However, while he continued to slide the family during GMB segments, he was not really a fan of Kim last month who was shooting naked pictures of her Instagram as soon as the news broke Pittsburgh's shooting.

"As America walks away from a dismal mass shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue, Kim Kardashian publishes this image on Twitter," he writes.

"Delete it, @ Kim Kardashian – if you have a delicacy."

She deleted it, but we are not sure if this is due to Pierce's comments.

Emily Ratkovski

Pierce Morgan seems to wear an Emily model at least once a week, which suggests she should wear more clothes than spit videos in her bra and pants – the classic catch.

But she, in turn, struck back as she returned in 2016.

After asking if she had to buy her clothes because she looked frozen in a naked shot for Harper's Bazaar, she said, "thank you, but I do not need the clothes you need to push."

J. K. Rowling

These two faced social media over Donald Trump, but he really got burned in the dining room in Hogwarts after JK made the following message two times: "Yes, watching Pierce Morgan who told him to break live is just as satisfying , as I always imagined.

It was after Pierce appeared with Jim Jeffreys on Real Time With Bill Maher.

Pierce replied, "That's why I never read a word to Harry Potter."

But then JK asked, "Because you had a feeling that one day the author would roar with laughter when he told you that you were crying for your nonsense on live TV?"

I. It. Just. Grown. You're going.

Then, in the true style of Spencer Morgan, Pierce's son scattered the tension with a message:

Lily Allen

The hatred between these two has spread very well on Twitter, many of which have been blinded by the award-winning singer and Pierce, which seemed to have started a long time after calling for a huge necklace.

Pierce then announced that she refused to interview the singer until she became a hit after the mother of two released a video revealing she was cut off by the program.

"Hello Lily, I told the team that I will not interview you until your new album is a hit, so probably, never," he murmured, "sorry you disappoint, custom Pierce.

Will these two people ever see each other? (Picture: ITV / Rex)

Does Lily care? Not one jot.

"There will be no incentive to come and talk to you if the album is commercially successful.

– This is not the way the promotion works. Okay, try, we all know you're p **** who can not support it.

She came after Lily explained how her appearance in the ITV show was canceled.

"So my album No Shame came out in a few days and we were considering our promotional schedule and the first people who asked me to come to the TV was Good Morning Britain last week," she says.

"That morning, Brittany Good Morning summoned my people and said," After Lily and Pierce spit out, would Lily have canceled the show? "

"To which I replied:" No! Of course not! What? Do you think I'm afraid of Pierce Morgan?

She added, "Anyway, this message came back and I just received the news that I was canceled because Pierce does not want that smoke!"

Chris Evans

Powerful Captain America is not Pierce's fan after the lead hit James Bond's star Daniel Craig that he was carrying his child in the papua.

Pierce stood up to the wrath of the Internet to boast that such a movement was excited, but Hollywood actor Chris had nothing to do with it.

The 37-year-old tweeted: "You really must be so insecure in your own masculinity to deal with how another person carries his child.

"Everyone who spends time expressing masculinity is horrible inside.

Pierce looked unprepared, saying, "Captain America will not carry a papusi.

Amber Rose

Pierce previously called Amber's social media publications "Pranic, stupid nonsense." And when she sent a naked picture of herself because she wanted, he wrote, "Put it away, thank you."

Then the two of them waved back and forth and wit, describing them as blatant and dirty.

Which, according to Amber, is entirely due to the fact that she likes it.

Amber Believes That Pierce Can Enjoy It (Picture: PA Wire)

– Does he love me? Of course it does! So he had to take me down to make me feel better, "she told Slores magazine.

"I offend him for his toxic masculinity and narcissistic personality disorder.

She added, "I'm not angry about it, and my purpose was never to disturb it just to realize its toxic behavior."

Adam Hills

Australian comedian Adam Hill does not hide his contempt for Pierce when he cancels his appearance on The Last Leg.

However, a brave man accepted an interview with GMB, where he faced Pierce and they were both awkward.

He called for Ewan McGregor to cancel his show as Adam said, "Honestly, at 9 o'clock in the morning, if I looked at my diary and disappeared," Oh, I have to sit for a coach with Pierce Morgan tomorrow, "I would say no.

More ▼: Kim Kardashian

However, when Pierce's wife Susanna said Adam was still on the Pierce couch, he struck: "All right, because you're here! If this show was Great Morning to the UK with Pierce Morgan, you would never have a guest.

Continue three minutes awkwardly back and forth.

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