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Three students were killed at Assosa University as violence escalated

Assosa University _ Ethiopia
Photo: EBC

November 22,2018

Three Assosa University students died yesterday after a resurgence of violence.

As reported in a few days, it is something like a struggle between two students who were escalated on an ethnic basis.

Since the first violence, the number of victims was 34 and was predominantly life-threatening injury. And about 5 students were in a hospital.

Now the situation is changing. The Minister of Science and Higher Education Hirata Walmariam (PhD) confirmed that yesterday the FBI announced that three students had died.

Violence was controlled initially, but was later resumed, according to Dr. Chiut.

She added that the conflict between individuals has escalated due to elements in the obvious community of students with their own program.

She also said that within the university community there are organizations performing a mission for external forces; and they incite violence.

Universities have become targets as tools to overcome the ongoing reform and change in the country, according to Chrutt. She mentioned that there were similar incidents at Harmony University.

Meanwhile, the regional state authorities in Benchshung said today that they are working to solve the problem at the University of Assaa and to support the resumption of classes.

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