Tuesday , June 22 2021

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger will be unified in 2020

Today, we coexist with multiple ways of communicating through our smartphone, for example through WhatsApp or chat systems integrated into other social networks like Messenger or Instagram. From Facebook I'm already setting up all these instant messaging systems as The New York Times reported today. With this WhatsApp user You can start a conversation with a friend of Instagram without having to modify the application, something that can be quite awkward.

If it is true that we will not see merging the three applications into one, but we will have three contact plans in the three applications at the same time. With this Messenger user who wants to communicate with an acquaintance who has WhatsApp only, he can do so without leaving the messaging service integrated into Facebook.

Facebook plans to unify WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook wanted to confirm this information published in the US media. Here we will see how the development of Instagram and WhatsApp will be closer to Facebooksomething that does not end in order to convince the employees of WhatsApp or Instagram.

Some employees have disagreed with the order made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg andLast year, the founders of Instagram announced they were retiring of this project for the supposed control that Zuckerberg wants to exercise on its acquisitions.

Because WhatsApp believe in it The protection of consumers' personal data can indeed be affected by this measure, You are well aware that WhatsApp messages are being sent by end-to-end encryption and this feature can be ignored to merge with Facebook and Instagram messaging services.

Also the game is coming anonymity which you can have with Instagram or WhatsApp, but not with Facebook. This can be obstacles that will be presented on Facebook to unify their messaging services, even though they would like to miss them.

For now by The New York Times They argue that this feature is currently being developed and that its launch is planned for 2020. While it is true that it is interesting to have interest in Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger chat in one of these apps, it should be primarily consumer privacy and security.

Leave us in the comments box what you think about this measure Facebook is considering to implement for a year. Do you think this measure will be interesting to save time for the user to switch between apps?

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