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7 special offers for the last sign on Wednesday

We are on the last Wednesday of winter sales for 2019, and the sixth and final demo starts this morning. Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, and everyone else do not hesitate to sacrifice their products to offer even more generous discounts for this last week of promotions and get rid of their latest stocks. This is the last chance to get mini-fares for the biggest brands. Here's the internet salespersons:

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Sales began on Wednesday morning, six weeks ago. We are now in the final, and traders want to sell their stock they have not found. Fnac, Rue du Commerce and Darty have a global promotional code, while others like Amazon have specific flash offers for many popular products. In order to help you in this ocean of good business, we have developed a short guide that will allow you to quickly find the basic offers that are running for this Wednesday morning, depending on the available stock.

Sale: Good deals end this Wednesday

Updated February 13, 2019, 14:27

Top 7 Sales this Wednesday:

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If you are still not very comfortable with the special offers you can find during the winter sales in 2019, you should know that retailers make two types of discounts: the flash offers this as their name shows are limited in time and continuous offers that fit in the long run. Flash offers are the most popular and even include at the time of sales the biggest brands.

Amazon, for example, currently offers flash deals to the latest Apple Watch and Nintendo Switch. No other merchant offered any promotion of these products during sales, or even during the famous Black Friday. Every e-merchant has its winter sales strategy.

Another big player on the market is Cdiscount. This year he dominated the winter sales with hundreds of thousands of promotions each day. In general, he will offer no less than 3 million price concessions throughout the winter sales period in 2019. Today for these last sales on Wednesday he offers thousands of discounts. With electronics, you can save up to -60% of leading brands.

During sales each of them has its own strategy

If Amazon and Cdiscount have two very specific strategies, actors such as Fnac, Darty and Rue du Commerce have decided to adopt another method for these last days of promotion. In fact, in addition to the discounts that are already up to -80% at these merchants for the sixth reduced price, they also offer a promotional code that saves between 10 and 15% of a certain amount of purchase. This promotes pushing the size of the basket to save even more.

This insanity on the part of merchants for sales is perfectly understandable and it is nothing to put all these operations on the spot. In fact, you need to know that winter sales are the most important operation for them throughout the year. On average, this could account for about 20% of their total income for the year for a relatively short period. Attention, this year's winter sales in 2019 lasted not less than six weeks, which is quite long.

This year and this operation was a bit unusual, as traditional traders had to sell the shares they had failed to sell during the weekend of demonstrations across France at the end of last year. So it was time to offer higher concessions to appeal to the general public. For example, Cdiscount offers discounts of -90% in some cases.


Discounts rise to -90%

Yes, you read well. Some promotional offers sometimes reach -90% of the original price of the products. This is quite possible and even the government controls these concessions. In fact, summer and winter sales are the only two periods when traders are allowed to sell below the purchase price (ie sell at a loss) under certain conditions. Cdiscount and Amazon, for example, do not hesitate to show products sold at a loss.

Beyond these two sales periods, it is important to know that traders are not allowed to sell their stocks below their cost. Even on Black Friday, French days or Cyber ​​Monday, this practice is not tolerated. The government takes care of this rule and does not hesitate to impose sanctions in case of abuse.

In conclusion, we advise you to carefully review the list of tips above, which we are thoroughly listed. In Top 7 of the best deals of these winter sales in 2019, you will find the most popular products for this Wednesday morning that should be totally seized if they really care about you. It is likely that the stocks will disappear in the next few hours.

For the bravest, we advise you simply to go on a new tour of various retail outlets such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Rue du Commerce. Every day thousands of offers are renewed and can always save more money. This sixth and final concession is the culmination. With discount codes offered by some merchants, discounts can reach exceptional heights.

Today will be the last peak in sales in 2019, now or we should never use the opportunity to do business. Over the next six months, there will be a few new promotional offers, then wait for the summer edition to have new promotions.

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