Sunday , June 20 2021

a decisive weekend for the executive

The government remains cautious before action XI of the "yellow vests" Saturday, and then the first parade of "red scarves" Sunday. In Elisha, we are going through high-risk weekends, which can separate the French once more, while Emanuel Macron will have all the interests to reconcile them.

"Be careful not to make" Koh-Lanta "… We should not have this weekend the yellow team on one side against the red team on the other side, the weight is on the lookout for the first time two camps will compete from a distance.

On Saturday, the "yellow vests" will go down the street for their "act XI". The next day the "red scarves" will flaunt in Paris. A kind of anti-"yellow vests" demonstration that already brings them strong threats of repression. "The risk is that we offer French images of confrontation between two parts of the country … But that's exactly what we do not want to see," says a close adviser to the executive. One of the strengths of Emanuel Macron's campaign was "to reconcile the French." Do not divide them.

Hence the government's caution towards this high-risk weekend. First of all the guards. At the political level. "We will surely suffer from a comparison with the demonstration of support for General de Golem, May 30, 1968 … and then we talked about a million people, worrying a macronor from the first round.Inclusion, we have a real problem with the mobilization capacity. we know how to do it Imagine if we do Sunday when there are 80,000 or 100,000 "yellow vests" "Saturday …", says the same source.

Less violence

The strategy of the executive is simple: it must maintain a goodwill distance from the "red scarves". At the very least, if the initiative does not work or if, worse, it is filled with clashes, it will be easy to stand out. On the other hand, if it is a great success, it will be easy to restore the laurels. Maximize your profit. Minimize losses.

Whatever the weekend scenario, Emanuel Macron's main bet is somewhere else. This is the big national debate. After two and a half months of crisis, during which the head of state experienced the events without knowing how to react, he was trying to gradually regain control. He reinvested the field. He comes back into contact. "This forces us not to be disappointed with the answers that will be provided after the consultation," a relative of the president said.

"Part of the discomfort is connected with the feeling that there are more centrifugal forces in the country than the centripetal forces. And this, we are in the process of removing a little bit "

Introduction by Emanuel Macron

At Elysees, officially, it is not a matter of rejoicing too quickly. "The game is far from being won," we slide into the corridors of the palace. But, in particular, the morale of troops is beginning to return. We look for reasons for satisfaction. And we find some. The constitution of the first list of "yellow vests" for the European elections is one.

The movement, which for a long time had the air of uncontrollable zest, began to be structured. Above all, it begins to crack because of lack of identified representatives. Of course, the number of protesters has stabilized to tens of thousands in recent weeks. But lately violence has declined. This allows you to focus on claims. They are numerous. "Whatever we do, whatever we say, we will not convince the most radical who continue to block junctions, but part of the discomfort is related to the feeling that there are more centrifugal forces in the country than the centripetal forces. to repair a little bit, "he wants to believe in intimate Emanuel Macron.

It was in this logic that Thursday that the head of state arrived in a surprisingly civilian debate with the "yellow vests" in Bur-de-Paage (Drom). "I will continue to exchange information with those I want, anywhere in the area," he said in his Twitter account after more than three hours of space. Opportunities for reproduction of the exercise will be numerous as the president has embarked on the regions of the Tour de France to hear the complaints of the mayors and their citizens. His next trip is scheduled for January 31, two days after his return from Egypt.

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