Friday , May 7 2021

A. Monaco / Thierry Henry: "I Avoid Talking Too Much"

Presenting a press conference two days before moving to Cannes on 14th day of League 1, Thierry Henry is under pressure. Arrived a little more than a month, the neo coach has not yet won the smallest match at the head of AUM, which shows 19th in the championship. With a young workforce destroyed by injuries, the former international tricolor knows that time is short and shows. Annoyed by a journalist who noted that the native of Ulise looked "less enthusiastic, a little more difficult," Henry denied:

No, not at all. But I avoid talking too much because then you take the opportunity to talk about excuses or no excuses. I do not give people the stuff to say I'm looking for excuses. I try to stay focused on what's there. I suppose everything that happens takes responsibility, that's my fault.

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